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more than just a game

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Welcome to GetRECt

GetRECt is an organization that primarily organizes esports tournaments. We organize PC gaming events both online and LAN across several titles. We work with universities, high schools, gaming communities, and other esports entities in the Midwest in an effort to unify gamers, both casual and competitive. We currently focus on League of Legends, Hearthstone, Overwatch and PUBG.

Want updates on when then events will be going down? Check out our Event Calendar page to see what upcoming events you want to participate in! Want to be notified and reminded instead of checking in yourself? Add yourself to our Event Notifications list below!

League Play

Our premier events are our LoL League Tournaments, the OKLCS and LeagueKC! (Soon to be joined by some other city and state based leagues perhaps...) To learn more on those tournaments, head over to our Leagues page to get the lowdown!

Don't have a team but want to play? Feel free to use our Free Agency Assistance page to help get you in contact with other players and teams who are also looking

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