About GetRECt


It all starts with community.

We are a Midwestern esports organization that hosts video game tournaments and leagues year-round. Originating from Oklahoma, we found kindred spirits in Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas to grow our brand and even host players from neighboring states and across the United States. We operate from a community-based perspective with a staff of volunteers whose passion is to grow recreational and competitive play for communities around the Midwest.

Our premiere attraction is our League of Legends competitive league, GRLCS. Based on Riot Games’ NALCS, GRLCS, biannually, functions as an organized 12-week competition with multiple teams across several divisions of skill. Teams are usually composed of five players that have banded together throughout the community, but we also host collegiate teams looking to practice through organized play. The teams compete against each other online for 10 weeks, then qualifying teams compete in an online quarterfinal week before the top four teams are invited to compete in a LAN semifinals/finals at a venue we secure. We stream and shoutcast the matches each week at a scheduled time to give players another layer of engagement and insight on other teams in the league. At the LAN, the matches are livestreamed and shoutcasted while the matches are happening, followed up with an on-camera interview with a player from the winning team.

We also host one-shot tournaments and competitions in League of Legends, Hearthstone, Rocket League and Overwatch. These events are scheduled throughout the year by our tournament organizers and give players a chance to play competitively for a day. These events are focused on friendly competition and help grow and connect the community.