Reign of Kings: True powerhouse of OKLCS, not lampshark, but kings of leon

Recently team Lampsharks released a league of legends article about why good team. Lampshark bad team. I come here know team lampsharks is worser than team gays in armor as well as kings of leon. Here why;

Top: Big dick Ben


Top: Big dick Ben

Top may not read patch note, but top is arguably a big penis.

Jungel: HastyGuy


Jungel: HastyGuy

He fast, not fastest, but fast for sure., Serious Haste I would say top 10 fast player


middle: Leopard

Leopard is faster than hasty man but still slower than most cheetah. I say leopard wins most race

butt lane: Bunnyfufu with Sickman


butt lane: Bunnyfufu with Sickman

Sickman with the power of bunny is truly powerful. Sickman bring influenza, bunny bring many sex. 

In summary I have thoughts. Thoughts speak to me “I like when rain king win, I not like when lampshark win”. 

Thanks be to you and blessing upon all.

-Cody "Hastega" Kirby

Reign of Kings Diamond-capped jungler