Hastega: Season 5 OKLCS pre-stream Diamond-capped Power Ranking

By Cody "Hastega" Kirby, Diamond-capped RoK Captain

Since no one else has done it yet, and a lot were asking for it, here is my personal Dcapped power ranking:

S-tier (Hastega’s top 4)



Sky | Zero was always the most difficult opponent for GiA, and I have a lot of respect for this team. Very strong mechanically, this may be the strongest mechanical team in OKLCS. Their main issue is consistency due to a tendency to tilt towards strange picks. If they can clean up their pick/ban and narrow their pool, this team could be a favorite.



As a jungle main, Mowgli is easily the jungler I hate playing against most. His style is simply suffocating and harassing at camps around the map-- And though not the strongest tank player, with Kha'Zix and Elise being some of the strongest dueling junglers at the moment, the meta has tilted towards their jungler’s style and I expect a lot of very strong early games from this team. My main concern is how they transition to late games. I expect all of their wins to be sub 30 minutes, and most of their losses to be post 30.



Not to be biased, but I expect great things from this team. Knowing first-hand the strengths and weaknesses of this team, we are essentially the opposite of what I expect from [ONE], which will be a slower early game, but cleaner late game decision making and shot calling. This team likely has some of the strongest voices in the league which should transition well to a top 4 contender. The unknown with this team is how newcomer ADC Sickly will perform in his debut OKLCS performance.



I would say this team was a middle of the pack team before the addition of Jacjac, but with their newly acquired midlaner, I believe this will be a Top 4 team. This roster is insanely gifted mechanically, up there with SKY, but will struggle due to lack of emotional backbone. This team will get hyped and stomp everyone or will get tilted and ff20. This group is personally my most difficult team to rank, but I believe in the mechanical prowess of this roster enough to beat most of the middle pack teams. They will struggle against methodical teams, and to improve they will all need to upgrade their mental and focus on the team over individual play.

Middle of the pack & playoff contenders



This team is dependent on the strong leadership of their captain and their high economy top laner, Slappy. If this team is able to stabilize their play and find strength through the top side of the map, they may surprise me and end top 4.



Always a strong team, but never the strongest, this team is a group of friends just looking to take some games off the top teams. GiA only lost two games last season. One was the team they were tied with at the end of the season; the other was the team that didn’t even make it to playoffs, Land Snek. You have to be careful not to sleep on this team or they may end up top 4. The addition of hyper aggressive jungler Syfy makes for an interesting rendition of this team, adding a sharper edge to the blade in their early game.



OGR lacks individual star power but has a fairly high game sense. They will need to win through their smarts, which can be a difficult task. If this team fairs better than I’m expecting, it’s likely due to their individual players playing stronger mechanically than my initial expectation. This is another team that I don’t have much experience with.

Hastega’s Dark Horse Pick



This team has a lot of individual star power and is fairly dependent on how they click. I’ve not scrimmed this team, and I’m not sure if they even practice, but ChrisCantMiss seems to always be a factor and I expect this team to be able to keep up with the best simply due to starpower of Chris, game knowledge of Alex, and veteran status of the entire squad. They’ll have fun, and will likely win some games while doing it.

C Tier/ Unknown Tier


OU esports / Wadu Hek

I simply don’t know enough about these teams to make an educated guess. These could easily be ranked among the best and I just not know it. I haven’t scrimmed or played against either of these teams, so best of luck!