Trodelor: How OGR Took OKLCS Platinum by Storm

By Dallas Harvick

Devin "iiSilverhammer" Wilson, Garrett "TrueHeart" Wallace, Parker "Ignopious" Inglett, Dallas "Trodelor" Harvick and James "Yuna x Tidus" Gonzales Jr. of OKLCS S4 Platinum-capped team Oklahoma Gold Rush.

Devin "iiSilverhammer" Wilson, Garrett "TrueHeart" Wallace, Parker "Ignopious" Inglett, Dallas "Trodelor" Harvick and James "Yuna x Tidus" Gonzales Jr. of OKLCS S4 Platinum-capped team Oklahoma Gold Rush.

Oklahoma Gold Rush went undefeated in their run towards plat-capped playoffs in OKLCS S4 then struggled through but finished strong in playoffs. We weren't a new team by any means, but we were a VERY new roster on a member of the OKLCS old guard. Not one member of the team had ever played with another member until the draft tournament hosted at the Microsoft Store earlier in 2017. Despite this fact, we managed to develop synergy at an incredibly fast rate. Somehow without weekly practices or consistent scrims, we managed to take down every opponent in our path through sheer superior skill, macro play and shotcalling while our synergy formed for playoffs. 

Week 1 vs Trill

Trillboyz was a previous contender in gold capped OKLCS that moved into plat capped to maintain their roster and take on the challenge. Unfortunately they came up against us first. Falseheart, YunaxTidus, and Ignopius showed why they could be trusted as carries by coming right out of the gate and BLASTING the up-and-comer from the gold division.

Week 2 vs PLR

By far the hardest match of the split due to some unforeseen technical issues with our mid laner, Trodelor and Falseheart both managed to pick up pentakills on Kayn and Vayne (still dropping a game despite the penta) and carry their team to HARD fought victories through macro play and champions with excessive snowball potential and a potent early-mid game.

Week 3 vs WoW

Not a spectacular series from either team really. We came into this game disappointed in our play the previous week and looking to come back with a vengeance... and we did just that. Blowing WoW out of the water in a clean 2-0 OGR finally got rolling. This was the turning point in our season where we set our eyes on an undefeated streak. Many of us came from former 2nd place teams or were brand new in the competitive scene and wanted to prove ourselves to the rest of the community, but that would come later in the split.

Week 4 vs ONE

Nothing much to say in this game except thank god for Garrett Wallace. Clean performances from our ADC led us to consistent victories as the rest of the team took up the job of helping to out-hyper carry [ONE] Berus. This was the first time we showed a new style we were able to play. We proved we weren't just a snowball team, but a real contender in the late game as well.

Week 5 vs R5

This was a bit of a BM week for us. Looking back on it, I feel bad, but we performed a role swap because we got cocky and it worked out. A short first game was followed by a just as snowbally second. With our ADC moving to Kha'Zix in the jungle, me moving to my near patented (at least to those who know me) Leblanc in the mid lane, and our very own Parker Inglett moving to a rather disappointing cc bot performance on Ashe ADC. It was rude of us to role swap in such a way, but it worked out in the end in a rather messy but easily snowballed game.

Week 6 vs GSM

At this point, GSM had forfeited their season. We scrimmed them a few times throughout the year, especially before the split started and dropped only a single game in 3 matches. Unfortunately for the viewers, GSM forfeited a game that was sure to be bloody and action packed.

Week 7 vs PMF

Our biggest challenge and fear all season was that we could not beat PMF, and we nearly couldn't. As a team they had better warding, communication, practice, shotcalling, and occasionally drafting. It seemed like a very hopeless situation, but nevertheless, we remained confident. It took us 3 long, strenuous games to finally put the pigs in the frying pan they deserved. It came down to mechanical outplays from everyone and me doing my job as a decoy carry from the jungle (That is going to be my excuse at least.). We managed to barely win some very close teamfights and take the game off the back of incredibly strong carry performances from all 3 lanes. 


This was the shakiest play we had seen from OGR all season. We got cocky and didn't practice coming in and got shellshocked by ONE in the first game. This forced us to reevaluate the situation at hand. Going into the rest of the games we played much more cautiously and won them because of it. Aside from one more very close loss to PMF in the second round. The pigz showed up to play in the draft phase and took it to us in the late game, winning fight after fight. It got bloody but we eventually lost to a brilliant late game Taric ult and Gnar combo.

The TLDR of this is basically this; don't be overconfident. OGR got lucky in having a higher individual skill level than most of the other teams and not a better team. We had a lot of game knowledge but our communication was dreadful for most of the season. We learned to play many style because many of us opposed the meta entirely and didn't to put away our egos.

I would like to thank the rest of my team, Garrett Wallace, Devin Wilson, Parker Inglett, and James Gonzales Jr. for carrying me through to the end and putting aside our differences for the sake of a common goal. We started rough but by the end of playoffs we developed a killer clutch gene, strong synergy, and an affinity for things we never thought we would enjoy playing. In the OKLCS, anything can and will happen; be prepared, keep your eyes on your goal, and remember to love who you play with.