GetRECt: Some BIG Announcements!

Good day, GetRECt community! We have some pretty big announcements, so we’re just going to jump right in: 



After thorough discussion, LeagueKC and the OKLCS are officially merging! Your favorite LKC staff members are still with GetRECt, but we wanted our focus to be expanded to inclusivity for players in other states. We are renaming the League of Legends recreational league to the GRLCS (GetRECt League of Legends Championship Series). We felt this name was simple, on brand and descriptive of what our competitive league offers, without the boundaries and restrictions of including a location in the name. We want all players to feel welcome.

So, what does this mean? For players, not much is changing. You will still gather your teammates and compete in the 12-week league, as normal. The semifinals and finals of each division will be played at LAN still, but the LAN location will be up for debate. Our best current prospects for venues are in Norman, Oklahoma, but we are looking into Wichita and Kansas City. We’ll try our best to rotate venues around the Midwest when possible to help offset travel expenses and to build our community around the region!

We hope this rebranding and merge will build a strong League community across all divisions! We’d love to revive the Platinum division and introduce an Iron/Bronze/Silver “mini league” to continue to foster and develop League players in our community.

New logo TBA!


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We will be expanding our game offerings! We will be introducing Hearthstone and Smash one-shots to test the waters, with Rocket League and Overwatch potentially coming through the pipeline. We hope to diversify our skillsets, expand the number of communities we cater to and bring in some new staff members who are specialized in these games. Again, the main focus is building a strong, inclusive community.

That being said, if you are interested in being a tournament organizer for any of the above games and have previous experience doing so, reach out to our CEO, Jack Counts (JackLovesLamp#0413).


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The GetRECt Discord has been completely revamped! This will be the hub for all of our one-shots, games, community meet-ups and events outside of GRLCS. There are dedicated text channels for certain games and interests, so make sure to check those out! There are a TON of new rank options, so make sure to go to the #bot-commands channel and type ?ranks to get connected.

The GRLCS Discord will be used for the league, only. We may push some announcements to the channel to alert players of our League of Legends one-shots, but nothing else will be promoted or pushed. Teams will have their own voice channels in the GRLCS Discord that must be used for official matches. We also will make text channels for teams upon request.

The LeagueKC Discord will be phased out over time. Anyone in the LKC Discord is invited to join the GetRECt Discord and join ?rank Missouri / ?rank Kansas (or both!) to stay involved with local news, gaming events and community meet-ups. Things will function the same, we just want to bring you into the main fold and open your access to other communities and gaming opportunities! The spirit of LeagueKC still lives, and we aren’t trying to get rid of that - just bringing everyone under the same umbrella.


Thanks a ton for sticking with us throughout these past two years. It’s been a crazy whirlwind, and we are excited to jump in to 2019 stronger than ever. The GRLCS will open team registration starting Jan. 11, and the first day of competitive play will begin Feb. 9. The league weeks will run Saturday-Friday. During the final week of registration (Feb. 1-8), teams will face a $25 team upcharge for late registration. Teams may not be guaranteed a spot in the league if not registered by Feb. 7. There have been some substantial rule changes and updates, so make sure to read the GRLCS Rulebook thoroughly.

Thanks, and #GetRECt everyone!

-Ari and the GetRECt Squad

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