B1ue: Champions that you SHOULD be playing

There a some champions that have recently shown themselves to be quite strong. However, it's not always a smart idea to learn an OP champ simply because it has an 85% pick/ban rate by the pros. I'm a fan of LS's emphasis on playing simple champions, but unfortunately our queen Annie isn't really meta right now. However, there are some of his other recommendations that are seeing pro play so this is a great place to start if you're looking to pick up a new champ or two.

This is mainly aimed at Gold and below players that are looking to improve at the game but still want to have a relevant champ pool. While this does have value for our Platinum and Diamond friends, they would probably scoff at some of these picks. This is essentially LS's 8.4 solo queue tier list for Diamond players but ranked in order of their pick and ban rate by the pros so that we can see each champion's relevance in the competitive meta.


Priority picks. These champs are OP and quick to learn; if you're not playing them you're trolling.

Top: Sion
Jungle: Skarner, Sejuani, Zac
Mid: Galio
ADC: Tristana, Varus
Support: Braum, Tahm Kench


Strong picks. Strong champs that have a solid place in the meta

Top: Cho'Gath, Ornn, Vladimir, Trundle
Jungle: Olaf, Jax
Mid: Corki, Vladimir, Orianna, Kassadin
ADC: Kog'Maw
Support: Leona, Morgana


Pickable. Lower priority picks that exist as an option.

Top: Urgot, Illaoi, Poppy, Swain, Darius, Volibear, Malphite
Jungle: Nunu, Ivern, Volibear, Warwick
Mid: Malz, Karma, Ziggs
ADC: Sivir, MF
Support: Karma, Blitz


Galio, Skarner, Volibear, Sion and Tristana all received nerfs with 8.5. Sion is probably still a priority pick, but his E is no longer unavoidable. I think Galio, Skarner and Sion remain priority picks in 8.5 while the nerf to Tristana's range is a pretty big deal -- she is probably A-Tier now if I had to guess. Olaf was tweaked awkwardly to scale with AD now, so I'm not sure what that'll do to him as a tank jungler.

We might actually see the return of Nocturne, Shyvana and Twitch. It's too soon to tell, but the Nocturne buffs are pretty substantial. I don't think the Shyvana and Twitch buffs are enough to bring them any higher than my B-Tier, but only time can tell. The Cinderhulk/Warmog's changes are pretty much nerfs directed at Zac and Sejuani. Damage junglers may become more powerful as a result, which means tanks are even more important picks in the top lane.

Thank you for reading, God bless.

-Brent "b1eu" Rowland, Reign of Kings - Gold support and low elo monkey