Trodelor: Plat Division Power Rankings

From OGR Trodelor: Platinum-capped Midseason Power Rankings, Playoff Predictions and Observations

At the beginning of the season, I made power rankings that I never released because I did not personally know many of the teams or players. After several weeks of play, I am now confident in my ability to definitively rank and determine the strengths and weaknesses of each team. Obviously, there are a going to be some upsets and changes; I am not a fortune teller or professional analyst. Having said that, let’s take a look at my previous power rankings against the current standings:

Current Standings

1. OGR 5-1 (0)
2. RoK 4-2 (+3)
3. GSM 4-2 (-1)
4. iMEN 4-2 (+4)
5. [ONE] 3-3 (-2)
6. DFC 3-3 (-2)
7. OU 3-3 (+3)
8. RZDZ 3-3 (-1)
9. SKYFT 2-4 (-3)
10. BBB 0-6 (-1)

Preseason Rankings

1. OGR
2. GSM
3. ONE
4. DFC
5. RoK
8. iMEN
9. BBB
10. OU

Predictions For End of the Split


1. Oklahoma gPlatinum Rush -
Obviously I am a little biased, but hear me out. OGR has had a 2-0 in every series except against RoK and finishes out their season playing against 0 teams currently above a .500 record. Obviously, that series was a VERY weak showing from OGR, but they have not had games even be close after that. Posting some of the highest KDA’s in the league in every role, a high first blood percentage, high first tower percentage, good dragon control, high first inhibitor percentage, and good baron numbers, OGR has been rolling through competition with strong, calculated rotations and even better teamfighting. If they can nail down pick and ban phases and develop more synergy before meeting RoK again, we might be seeing repeat champions.


2. Reign of Kings -
There are a lot of things you can say about RoK, be it as an org, about their roster, or their impressive meme game; but one thing you can’t say is that they can’t deliver in their series. The only team to take a game and the series off of 1st place OGR has been very impressive this split and far exceeded my expectations at the beginning of the season. While I believe RoK will finish the split in second due to their strong wins and the tiebreaker win against GSM, not to mention an easy end to the split, I don’t believe that they can hold the second spot in playoffs. Multiple roster changes at this point in the season and some questionable play when away from comfort champions leaves me with reasonable doubt on their ability to perform after an even or unfavorable draft.


3. Gecko Slammed Armageddon -
Another strong member of the OKLCS old guard, GSM has posted wins against almost every team in the league this split, and very close series in their losses. GSM sports very strong team play and one of the best ADC players in the league with Naked Beekeeper. What holds this team out of first is a relatively close 0-2 series against OGR and dropping the ball against RoK in game 3 of their series. Fortunately for GSM, I don’t see them choking against the kings again which should leave them in second place after all is said and done in the playoffs. However, their tiebreaker loss to RoK may leave them found wanting for a playoff bye and finishing the regular season with only a bronze medal.


4. Ironmen BTW -
It looks like the iMEN are having a miraculous split and winning games against all of the lower tier teams and even RoK themselves. Strong solo carry performances and lane play have led the Ironmen to a probable spot in the playoffs. My only criticisms of the team come to their team play and champion picks. It almost seems like this team is a more coordinated solo queue team with both their map movements and drafting. Pulling out more carry oriented junglers, top laners  and snowball based marksmen, the team relies too heavily on a strong early game to get them ahead and carry them through the mid game. This is good for them against the lower tier teams, but with this strategy. I highly doubt they will be good competition for OGR or GSM come post-season.


5. Deathcap For Cutie -
DFC has been a very interesting team to watch over the course of the split because they have been somewhat of a wild card/dark horse that many people didn’t expect. Having some very high highs and very questionable lows, this team is a thrill ride for anyone who watches them and roots for them (including me). The team has champion pools almost as entertaining as their games, which can be a cause of concern both for them and their opponents. Generally led by their carry roles, the team can perform with the best of them - but only on one of their good days. Relatively even with [ONE], I only give this team the edge into 5th place because of an easier schedule to finish out the season.


6. [ONE] -
United As One has almost always been a very consistent team with a very consistent playstyle: protect Berus. This works well for them, and their players all perform well in a more supportive role around a great ADC. The question this team needs to answer is, “What do we do if Berus is behind or not playing well?” and I don’t think they have an answer to that yet. Expected to still make playoffs and maybe surprise a few people, [ONE] find themselves lower on this list for the end of the season due to a difficult closing schedule and some very important games among all of the 3-3 teams these last few weeks that don’t look like they will necessarily go the way they need them to. Nonetheless, expect this veteran team to power through and take the 6th seed at the end of the split.


7. The Ol’ Razzle Dazzle -
RZDZ suffers from not having a real star player and not making up for it anywhere else. A decent middle of the pack team that can take games off of the other middle teams, RZDZ has failed to be anything more than that though. For their first split together, this hasn’t been a terrible season for the team, and I expect them to finish right outside of playoffs. This is due in part to their INTENSE end of the season schedule and my expectation for things to go slightly more in favor of [ONE]. Don’t sleep on this team though, because if you do, you may find yourself dazzled and confused.


8. OU Platinum -
For a first season, OU can be proud of their performance this split. Taking into consideration a revolving door roster and relative competitive inexperience, this young team has managed to finish in the middle of the pack against some veterans and some other new faces. That is about where my good comments end though. Weak team play, drafting and lane phases leave OU without many strong points away from inconsistent good games from their top and bottom lanes. They are expected to finish low due to possibly the hardest closing schedule of every team in the league but shouldn’t be discouraged by this split’s results. Don’t be surprised if OU comes back next split bigger and better than ever.


9. SKYFT -
Sky Fate has been a relatively strong disappointment this split. A decent team on paper, they struggle heavily from the champion pools of their players, poor drafting and an inability to pick up leads or close out games. Some of their players have posted strong performances, but none of them consistently enough to make any difference in their place in the standings. Another difficult end of the season schedule should leave them stranded at their current place in the standings with a good chance of finishing 2-7.


10. BBB -
There isn’t much to say about BBB. A group of nice guys just couldn’t come together and find any wins so far this split. It doesn’t get any easier for them either. Expect many changes on this roster if they want to compete next split because their current formula just isn’t working. This team should try to improve their communication and drafting to pick up wins in the summer split of OKLCS.