Aripanda: Never Underestimate the Power of Mentality

One of the most common things I've observed during my two-year tenure in the Oklahoma League of Legends community is a negative mindset; a tendency to react negatively to every misplay and bad call during a game. Some of Oklahoma's top talent still struggle with this, and though they have the mechanical skill to rise through the ranks compared to their low elo counterparts, I believe it's a trait that is holding a lot of players back from reaching their full potential.

The "Power of Positivity" is actually a neuroscience and is quite popular in psychological research. Whatever the mind expects, it finds: lose a 3v2 and tower to a dive bot? Game over. Support accidentally takes your red level 1? Game over. You start playing the rest of the game on tilt, expecting things to not go your way. And with that train of thought, you're right.

But what if I told you that a positive mental could bolster your chances at success?

Positive thinking is contagious. There's actually a biological reaction to positive, happy vibes that causes your body to produce more serotonin, which affects your mood and can streamline your focus. Positive thinking has been proven to broaden people's intellectual, social, physical and psychological resources (problem-solving skills, coordination, relationship bonds, sense of identity to name a few). Use this to your advantage and cancel out those negative thoughts that creep into your mind after a bad play by a teammate or yourself. There's nothing wrong with calling out a bad play by a teammate, but think about how you deliver that criticism and how that is going to affect that person's mental game, which will impact the rest of their gameplay.

To keep this short: You're capable of a lot of things, and your mindset can be a major factor in how things work out for you. If you're feeling stuck, take a moment to analyze the way you are feeling/thinking about a situation - is it always negative, hopeless and angry? Simply changing your mindset could get you out of a rut. Plus, you'll feel better across those four areas mentioned earlier.

Somewhat unrelated, positive thinking (or, at least, the absence of negative thinking/stimuli) has also been proven to help increase physical recovery. I thought this note would be a fun addition in light of a shattered ankle or torn ACL. The more you know~

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