ÐemonPrint: How iMen won the OKLCS Spring 2018 Platinum Split


As a new team to the OKLCS, expectations were stacked against us from Week 1. In preseason rankings we were placed 8th out of 10 teams. Yet as the season was played through, we were in a 3-way tie for second by Week 7 with our 2 losses coming from OGR and GSM in the first 2 weeks with our original roster. After roster changes due to schedule conflicts, we lost our top laner Boodinsko and swapped GiveMeTheTendies from jungle to top and brought in TheeKiing123 as our new jungler. As new power rankings were released, our team was placed 4th. Once again, teams doubted our strength and placed us at the bottom of the power rankings in terms of the 3-way tie for second. Despite the doubt, we came together as a team to win the OKLCS Platinum-capped Division. As a team, us players on iMen felt it was appropriate to walk everyone through the steps we took to get here in hopes of helping others improve.

The key to any successful team is actually quite simple: be a “SoloQ” team. iMen embraces that ideology like no other. First, let us start off at top lane with some tips from GiveMeTheTendies himself.

Top - GiveMeTheTendies:

  1. Step 1: Demonstrate a proficiency on 4 champions that can tilt your opponent into oblivion. Proceed to get 3 target bans the entire season and let the other team decide what champion you will play. This was executed to perfection by GiveMeTheTendies. With the capability to only play Riven/Camille/Fiora/Jax, whichever champion was not banned was his go to pick. Then proceed to laugh in the face of the opponent’s bans.

  2. Step 2: If the enemy somehow bans out all of his champions, reveal the greatest pocket pick of all time. The champion that has zero counterplay and has Bronze players everywhere screaming for nerfs. That’s right, GiveMeTheTendies brought out the one and only Master Yi top. Even Reign of Kings, a team with amazing macro and teamwork, felt the lack of counterplay when GiveMeTheTendies was able to 1v4 in semi-finals and then close out with the pentakill. To all you top laners: learn the ways of Yi if you truly wish to ascend as a player.

  3. Step 3: Now this is arguably the most important step as a top laner and it is really quite simple. Be the better player and watch the wins roll in. GiveMeTheTendies was able to demonstrate this at such a high level that as a team, iMen felt the pressure of people believing the calls of him being a smurf and a true Challenjour player. Only when you have been called a Challenjour smurf can you consider yourself the better top laner.

Jungle - TheeKiing123:

  1. As a jungler, your job is really quite simple. All you must do is AFK farm and refuse to give your mid laner blue. Force him to solo kill his laner if he wants a blue buff. Laners are simply not worthy of your attention.

  2. To really bring out the best in your team, it is essential that your laners are challenged at every turn. So, once you do gank a lane, be sure to give double buffs to the opposing team. This will force each lane to increase their level of play and guarantee a win.

  3. To truly garner success for your team, it is essential to track the opposing jungle. This was a skill that TheeKiing123 excelled at. It could be 2 minutes into the game and he could tell you with certainty where the opposing jungler was. And to top it off, he would then shot call us to victory with his superior game knowledge.

Mid - ÐemonPrint:

  1. Being a mid laner is really quite simple. All I did the entire season was play waveclear champs and complain about how OP the other midlane champ was if I ever got killed. This level of intelligence was what allowed me to earn the nickname “Coach Dang” and take our team to the finals of OKLCS.

  2. The second lesson of being a mid laner is to roam when possible providing constant vision and map pressure for your team. The best way to do this is to avoid buying items and instead buy 25 control wards per back. Remember, you only need them for the momentary vision so feel free to place 1 control ward at enemy blue to scout, and then immediately place another ward in a bush for vision. The blue ward has served the extent of its purpose.

  3. This last tip is the true key to iMen’s insane LCS level drafts. All you must do is play the most overpowered champions in solo queue, such as Middlesticks and Kayn Mid, then constantly tell your team how OP they are and to let you play them in a match. This will cause them enormous amounts of frustration and tilt that they will force your mid laner to play control mages for a “well-rounded team comp” they say.

Bot Lane - Reppit and FOTC 4thShot:

  1. Our bot lane strategy all season was really quite simple. Put Reppit on Varus and FOTC 4thShot on an engage champion, or pick Xayah/Rakan. This was such a successful strategy that we never had to adapt our bot lane playstyle the entire season except for the occasional Ezreal pick when we needed to humble Reppit (he has quite the ego). It’s even easier to employ when your support can actually play every champion and just lets the team pick whatever we are feeling in the moment.

  2. As an ADC, just walk to every lane once laning phase is over to steal cs from your solo laners. Trust us, they don’t need nor deserve it, for ADCs are the true carries and are gods among men.

  3. For the supports out there, even when your top laner hard carries, remember to tell everyone that supports are the true carry. Tell your team that it was the immaculate vision placement that won the game. That the sick 5-man Rakan knockup and charm was the key to success. They won’t believe you, but Supports are the heroes we deserve, but not the ones we need.

Finally, we felt it would be helpful to relay our run through playoffs with absolutely no bias whatsoever.


  1. Play an OP champion like Swain and Yi every game and just win due to the overwhelming amount of OP on your side.


  1. Play an OP champion like Swain games 1 and 2 and win off the enormous amount of OP on your side.

  2. Show the enemy why Ekko isn’t strong into Swain…..or top with Dark Harvest for that matter.

  3. Force the enemy team to FF due to intimidation.

  4. Throw your lead in game 3 due to lag, and then proceed to lose that game and game 4 from bad morale. It also didn’t help that our troll mid laner (me), said he owned Rakan when he didn’t forcing us to let support go to second ban phase and have Rakan get banned after already grabbing Xayah. Tendies said it best “Our mental was terrible games 3 and 4”.

  5. Persevere through the ff intimidation attempts by your opponent and prove how wrong the statement, “[iMen] relies too heavily on a strong early game to get them ahead and carry them through the mid game. This is good for them against the lower tier teams, but with this strategy. I highly doubt they will be good competition for OGR or GSM come post-season,” is.

Moral of the story: Let your dreams be memes and let everyone call you a SoloQ team. At the end of the day, you just have to prove them wrong and let them sit on the fact that they just lost finals to a SoloQ team and forfeited a finals game like a SoloQ player.  ÐemonPrint out.

Back (Left to Right): GiveMeTheTendies, Theekiing123, DemonPrint, Reppit Front: FOTC 4thShot getting carried, as usual

Back (Left to Right): GiveMeTheTendies, Theekiing123, DemonPrint, Reppit
Front: FOTC 4thShot getting carried, as usual

Sike, we aren’t done. This article is purely meant for lols and is not meant to be taken seriously. We all really enjoyed competing this season and playing against a lot of different teams. Big shoutout to RoK and OGR for being excellent opponents. RoK played really well in semi-finals and proved why they made it into playoffs as the second seed. OGR especially deserves a lot of credit for how easily they made into finals and how well they played in the series. Despite a tough 0-2 start from them, they adapted to the series both in draft and in-game. They had a well deserved win in game 3 and closed out the comeback. Lag and internet issues are not acceptable excuses from us, they simply played better in game 3. In game 4, OGR came out guns blazing and systematically destroyed us in an extremely dominant win. Game 5 was the type of game that summed up the entire series. It was extremely close throughout and stalled until 53 minutes and very easily could have gone either way. Also, Ekko is actually lit and I respect the unique build choice from EkkoThruTime and the willingness to play it. Overall, it was a pleasure to compete against OGR and the rest of the OKLCS. While chances are iMen won’t be together next season in any capacity, I’m still excited to see how the league changes for the next split.

It has been a pleasure writing this article, so until next time, peace out from ÐemonPrint and the iMen squad.