JackLovesLamp: Some Math Behind 8.7 Minion Value Changes

New League of Legends patch! Time for some quick maffs!

The most interesting change this upcoming patch isn't the Irelia update or the Presence/Manaflow changes... The most interesting change is the minion gold value change! Tucked away near the bottom of the patch notes like they are not important. But... they are! Super important, actually. 

Here are the changes:
Melee Minions:
Base gold 20 > 21
Gold growth every 3 waves 0.125 > 0
Caster Minions:
Base gold 17 > 14
Gold growth every 3 waves 0.125 > 0
Siege Minions:
Base gold 45 > 60
Gold growth every 3 waves 0.35 > 3
Super Minions:
Keeping super minion gold equal to siege minions.

Quick Maffs.jpg

To get started, here are some not so quick maffs! These "maffs" only account for game time up until a little after the 20 minute mark. 

Looking at said math yet? Good! As you can see towards the bottom of the spreadsheet, at 21:45, the total amount of gold coming down one lane is slightly less than before! At only a gold difference of 18, it is pretty much the same amount as before. What's the catch here though? Well, your CS as a laner might not mean as much as it once did! While siege minions have always been worth more gold than standard minions, the new patch pushes that difference even further. Missing your last hitting on siege minions will start to put you at a pretty significant disadvantage in terms of gold. While missing these minions might not be detrimental to your creep score, you will definitely feel the impact of missing when it comes time to buy items.

At the 21:45 mark, siege minions accounted for ~12% of total minion gold. Now, they account for ~20%.

Casters are going to be worth less gold than before for the entire game. Melees will be worth slightly more for the first part of the game, but will slowly decrease in value compared to their 8.6 gold values as the game progresses. Once you hit the siege minion wave at 21:45 however, you can see that it gives gold almost equal to the entirety of a standard minion wave in 8.7. A minion wave on this patch gives a total of 105 gold at all stages of the game. By the 21:45 mark, a siege minion gives 99 gold. Past that point, it only grows larger. 

So you might have to try harder to be sure you get last hits on siege minions. Maybe you will try harder to deny enemies their siege minions. But aside from that, what will the overall meta impact be of these changes?

maxresdefault (1).jpg

Potential Meta Impact:

It is always hard to gauge the true scope and impact of any change. That's why the game gets a balance update every 2 weeks, every change can effect the game greatly. Oftentimes in unexpected ways! Here are a few ways the meta might change once players start getting used to these new minion changes:

  • This is a good change for teams that are know how to play the map. The huge health increase that siege minions are getting this patch will allow players to set up even better slowpushes and minion crashes.

  • Champions with strong waveclear or splitpush will like this change too. Compared to their counterparts with poor waveclear, they can quickly and consistently eliminate siege minions and secure themselves the gold that comes with it. Leaving their opponent to slowly take their own siege minion while the waveclear/splitpush player is free to roam. For those who missed the change in the patch notes; siege minions are also getting a large boost to their health pool. That makes this shove and roam strategy even more effective when an opponent cannot clear the now beefier siege minion quickly. Nor will they want to leave it behind to follow the roam, as they need the gold income from those siege minions.

  • Lane bullies will LOVE this change. Players will want siege minions more than ever with these changes. Being able to always get a siege minion while bullying an opponent away from theirs will feel much more rewarding. It may even result in more fighting in lane. Players may often have to battle it out for the now fairly valuable siege minions.

  • Relic shield supports and their ADC's will enjoy this change too. Sharing siege minions throughout the game, and even roaming to catch more than one siege minion per wave, will be a huge boon to the gold income of a relic shield support. I expect this to be one of the first things that gets nerfed after this change.

  • This change makes Minion Dematerializer a good deal stronger. Beefier siege minions getting one shot by this rune will help you control waves much more effectively. In addition, it will also guarantee a few more of those sweet siege minion last hits.

  • Lastly, it might not be that great to take an inhibitor early in the game if you won't be able to close out. Siege minions have had their gold greatly increased and super minions have had their gold buffed to match. Taking an early inhibitor could honestly wind up being a bad thing for your team if an ADC gets to sit bot, safe in the base, last hitting those gold-rich super minions. If you get that early inhib then you're probably a good deal ahead. But the additional potential gold income may just help an ADC catch up more quickly if you can't close out soon or get enough pressure from the super minions to be worth it. I don't expect this to be a hugely impactful aspect of the changes this patch, but it is something to consider.

That's all folks! Comment below if I missed something, made a mistake, or if you think there's a meta impact that may be larger than the ones that I mentioned. I'm not opposed to edits if necessary! Thanks for reading and #GetRECt summoners!