From King Leeroy: Spring 2018 Diamond-capped MVPs

Hello gamers, summoners, and memers! I have not written an article all season long because I am lazy, but I am with here with the best article of the season: DIAMOND CAPPED SPRING SEASON MVPS!! This season, I had a public vote through Strawpoll, and while there was some suspicious tomfoolery at the start of the vote, I feel that the results are overall authentic. I am going to discuss the community-chosen MVP and My Choice for MVP and do my best to explain why they were chosen. I am no professional analyst or even that high of elo, so keep in mind, this is largely my interpretation of the voting. Also, when I mention a specific stat, it is being compared to the other members of that role, not the rest of the OKLCS.

Top lane

Community choice: Impressive (GSM)


Why explain something again that has already been explained so efficiently by the one and only Aripanda? (Don't worry, I cite my sources)

“I think Elliott (Impressive) is MVP Top because he came in halfway through the season to kind of turn GSM around and was a reliable player when the atmosphere of GSM was in shambles. He suffered through roster changes shortly after his arrival, adjusted to a competitive level of organized play he had never experienced before and was able to positively impact a team that had (arguably) talented players that weren't good at working together. He was able to demonstrate reliable talent on both tank and carry-style champs and was overall a non-toxic, team-oriented player. 10/10 would recommend to anyone. If not the Top lane MVP, definitely the Rookie MVP - he had never competed in organized play before he joined GSM.”

Impressive proved something that OKLCS has needed to see for awhile: personality and mental fortitude with solid mechanics can carry harder than raw, incredible mechanics with terrible mental. He replaced iClutch, a player who has considerably great mechanics, but Impressive carried GSM harder than iClutch could have ever hoped to. He accomplished this in his first ever competitive league environment. There are surely big things in his League future no matter what he decides to do next season.

On top of this: he is the only rookie to make the MVP list, making him the Rookie of the Season. That is "impressive."

My Choice: Garbleazy (SKY)


Garbleazy is the carry top of the OKLCS. In a meta before the Conqueror rune, Garb wasn't afraid to play fighters like Riven and Irelia. With the second highest damage per minute (6026) of the top laners behind only Beniona (6421), Garb was responsible for a large portion of his team's damage. He often got solo kills in lane and successfully transferred his lead with a nice cross-map play. While maybe not the owner of all the highest stats, he had some of the flashiest plays in the league, which is why he was popular in the vote. I'll put it this way: it's much easier to notice when Garb is playing well rather than someone like Beniona playing well. His fighting nature is shown in the stats. He had the highest damage to champions per minute of the top laners (573). This shows he is always looking to aggressively trade, which creates pressure for his team. I'd describe his play as a more stable version of iClutch’s. Garbleazy is an important piece to the first placed team, Sky|Zero.


Community Choice: Syfy (SNEK)

Do you want the enemy team to have to ban Gragas every game? If yes, pick up Syfy. He provided something to SNEK that they desperately needed, a power point and that is exactly what Syfy was. No matter what champion he was on, you can bet he invaded your jungle. Either it resulted in a kill, a stolen camp, or a blown summoner - this applied a lot of pressure for his laners and threw a lot of enemy teams off their early game. This pressure allowed SNEK’s bottom lane to finally shine. Similar to Garbleazy, he may not have the best stats or the most efficient play, but makes highlight reel plays which drew a lot of voters to him.

My Choice: theunrealobama/themostperfectdude (SKY)


Yes, I know he name changed, but he will always be theunrealobama to me. That's who he was when we originally met at my League of Legends club in high school; that's who he is in my heart. He is also my personal pick for Jungler MVP (sorry hasty guy <\3).

If you took Syfy’s aggressive playstyle, Hastega’s controlled style and mixed them together, you would get theunrealobama. He plays team-fighting tanks, carry junglers, and everything in between at a high level of play. He seems confident on every style. The numbers back him up, too. He has the second-highest jungler KDA (4.64), the third-highest damage to champs per min (290), and the second-highest jungle cs stolen per min (28). The main difference between him and Syfy are their levels of selfishness. Syfy plays for himself and looks to make the big plays by himself. Thus, when it works for Syfy, it really works and the viewers can see it. What theunrealobama does is more of a team-oriented style of play and is only visible in the fine details. Without theunrealobama, the sky would fall.

Mid Lane

The Community Choice: Allmighty (SKY)


This is my lane and I can tell you, this guy is a beast. Laning against Allmighty feels like a losing battle: you can try your best, but you are going to lose. Every CS, every trade, and every moment is a fight against the Allmighty mid laner. He is so good that I didn't even vote for myself for mid MVP; I voted for him. Trying to prepare against him is almost futile. He will first-time pick a champ and still smash you with it, but if he gets one of his staple champions (Jayce, Asol, Vel) prepare for a beating. He has the second highest KDA (4.62), highest gold per minute (402), and the highest damage to champs per minute (708). Allmighty truly lives up to his name.

My Choice: Echoed Voice (SNEK)


A season or two ago, I would not have put Echoed Voice in my top three OKLCS mid laners. That changed this season. I've criticized him before for having a small champion pool (Lux and Taliyah). While his pool is still one of the smaller ones, he did add Orianna, Zilean, and most importantly, Morgana to his pool this season. On these champions, especially Morgana, Echoed Voice time and time again shut down any play the enemy team attempted. This season he really became a carry for his team. He even has the highest mid laner KDA (5.75). Multiple expressed to me just how frustrating it is to play against this mid laner, and I agree. He truly found his role on Land Snek.


The Community Choice: Keramat (SNEK)


Keramat has been the ADC for SNEK for three OKLCS seasons now. In the past, he has been disregarded and underrated in the pool of ADCs, but this season he took the crown. While the enemy team was chasing down Syfy and trying to protect their jungle, Keramat was building his lead bot lane. He had the second best KDA (6.38) and the highest damage to champs per min (745). He stepped up to be the main carry for his team and popped off in team fights almost every game.

My choice: General Vici (APACHE)


General Vici was the king of the stat sheet. He outperformed all other ADCs in almost every important stat. It’s impressive. His KDA was not only the highest for ADCs, but the highest for the entire league (7.39). His CS per min? Also highest in the league (8.50). On top of that, second most gold in the league per min, just behind Garbleazy (428). It is undeniable that Vici was the carry for Apache. Without him, they might not have made it to playoffs.


The Community Choice: Randynewman (SKY)


The returning champion, but not returning to the playoffs: Randynewman. At his worst, he is the second-best support in the OKLCS, at his best he is probably better than Aphromoo (if he was playing with his feet). I won a title with Randy and have played with him for a while; he is a very consistent player who is always looking for plays. He is a game winner, he is a playmaker, he is a shotcaller, and he is a total goofball. He had the highest vision score per min (2.50) and the second highest wards placed per min (1.42). His commitment to vision is scary. Randy can choke out a team just with his vision control. Add to that his ability to play any style of champion, he is the support MVP of the OKLCS. It is quite a shame we won't see him at playoffs.

My Choice: Babyfufu (ROK)

Bunnyfufu’s son is the only player from Reign of Kings, the second place team, to make this list. Does this mean he carried them in every game? Probably not. He had the highest KDA (5.26), showing he is a dirty KDA player unwilling to die for his team. His name isn't even based off of a famous songwriter. If he lowered his KDA, changed his name, and ganked mid even more, maybe he could be better than Randy.

Realistically, I feel awkward praising my own teammate on an MVP article. So I'm going to copy what Devin “Drwildy” Ashcraft and Thomas “Jerkface” Arata had to say about him:

“Babyfufu was the only support who ever gave my trouble on the Weens, sleeper op.” - DrWildy

“His roams and laning phase are honestly unmatched. Sickly is good by himself, but with Fufu they are an incredible duo!” - Jerkface Arata Tu