MechanicalReapr: To Disenchanted League Players

Hi. MechanicalReapr here. I would like to take a moment to discuss league motivation.

As a member of teams who have had rough patches: “We stack boots” (1-7), “Oklahoma Gdiamond Rush” (4-5), and “Last Minute Recruits” (0-2 and RIP), I have witnessed and experienced the desire to quit League during a losing streak. I just want to drop some tidbits of wisdom for any disenchanted players in need of a little bit of motivation to carry through a tough split.

1. Don’t Take Losses Personally

When you lose an OKLCS match, you feel bad. Especially matches you thought were in your favor. Just remember to take a step back and know that all you can directly control is your own play. In regards to indirectly influencing your team, encouragement is the best policy. There’s always a next time.

2. Team Interaction

Some teams are better than others. This can be from a star player or great team synergy. The important part is that ALL teams can improve. In general, a game losing play is the end of a long link of mistakes with multiple players having a part in the loss. Be sure when you are working with your team that you are taking in to account all facets of a play before playing the blame game.

3. The Game Changes!

Keep in mind that the game changes. Is your favorite champion not meta? Do you keep getting banned out? Losing a ton of soloq? Not to worry! Hone your craft and bide your time. And when your golden hour arrives, make the most of it.

4. Icing on the Cake

League as a game should be the “icing” on your cake of life. When things in your life are drab, going downhill, tilty etc., League can help you through a tough time because you can focus of the “icing”. Of course, sometimes life sucks and your “icing” is being poisoned by toxicity. But remember that League is there to enhance your life and interactions with others. If you need to make the healthy decision to drop League, do it to improve your life. Be sure to keep in mind the commitment you and others have made to the league and keep the “icing” of life sweet for everyone to enjoy!

PS: If you are a top laner and in need, please free your Wednesday nights. :)

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