From the Community: Summer 2018 Gold-capped All-star teams, MVP and Most Improved Player

Hello GetRECt and OKLCS, I’m Meristematic, currently the Top Laner for Double Agents in the OKLCS Gold-Capped and Twitch Co-Ordinator for LeagueKC. I thought it would be fun to get the whole community involved in handing out some end of season awards as we look towards play-offs. All of these awards are for the regular season with no playoffs factored in. Ballots were sent out to OKLCS admins, casters, each gold-capped team captain, and I greedily took a vote for myself. Of the 14 ballots sent out, 8 were returned. If your team didn’t get a vote, it’s because they ignored a bunch of discord messages and I can’t be held accountable. There were a couple INTeresting decisions, and we’ll highlight those as we go on. At the bottom of the blog, I’ll link a Google doc with raw voting ballots (so you can roast people if you choose) as well as the calculations. That being said, let’s award some things!

All-OKLCS Teams

First up is the All-OKLCS teams; voters were instructed to pick a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd team player. Selections for the 1st team earn 5 points, for the 2nd team earn 3 points, and 3rd team earn 1 point. The player with the most points is awarded a spot on the 1st team, 2nd on the 2nd team etc. Ties were broken by most 1st team votes, then most 2nd team votes, then listed in alphabetical order including team tag.

Here are your All-OKLCS 1st team players:
Top: ELOW.Jambaclout (29 points)
Jungle: GST.Holk (31 points)
Mid: OKH.iRexy (24 points)
Bottom: ELOW.CharlesXanson (26 points)
Support: TLP.Ivory (31 points)

For the 2nd Team All-OKLCS we have:
Top: TLP.Cybersex (13 points)
Jungle: ELOW.Get My Xanax Mom (12 points, 1- 1st place vote)
Mid: ELOW.My Mains Ban (16 points)
Bottom: GST.Gobii (22 points)
Support OKH.C Loopy (15 points)

Finally, for the 3rd team we have:
Top: DOA.Meristematic (10 points)
Jungle: TLP.Panther553212 (12 points, 0-1st place votes)
Mid: DOA:WingedNation (15 points)
Bottom: DOA.BoarRiderBooy (11 points)
Support: OU.KauCix (11 points)

Congratulations to everyone (including myself) who made an all-star team! Overall, I thought the ballots were really solid, there were a couple of people who went against the grain, but I don’t think anyone undeserving wound up with a spot on these teams.

Most Valuable Player

Next award is for Most Valuable Player; voters were instructed to list 5 players in order according to the phrase “the player judged to be most valuable to their team.” The player listed 1st receives 10 points, 2nd receives 8 points, 3rd receives 5 points, 4th is 3 points, 5th is 1 point. The player with the most points is declared MVP. Ties are broken the same way they were on the All-OKLCS teams.

The winner of the OKLCS Summer Split Most Valuable Player award is:
ELOW Jambaclout
GST Holk,
OKH iRexy,
ELOW My Mains Ban
DOA WingedNation

round out the top 5. While I’m disappointed that no one voted for me, I agree whole-heartedly with our MVP. Jamba was the most difficult top laner I faced this season, and his aggression helps set the tone and tempo of the game for the undefeated Eyes Low.

Most Improved Player

The final award is for Most Improved Player; voters were instructed to list 5 players in order according to the phrase, “the player who improved the most from the beginning of the split to the end.” It is determined the same way the MVP is. 

The Most Improved Player this Split is:
OKTP xBromsson
He ties on points with the runner-up ExT EssentialReign
ExT Oceansandmoney
TLP Ivory
OKTP StateFarmin

I think voters had a much more difficult time voting on this award. I’m happy with the top of the table selections, but some players who received votes made me scratch my head, as they included players who, only played one match this season, substituted twice, but never started or played after Week 3, and were on teams that didn’t begin to compete in the league.

Full vote breakdown and ballots can be found at:

Thank you for the experience this season, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed playing in OKLCS and getting to know a few of you guys. Good luck in the play-offs to everyone!