Th3WhiteShadow: Third Time's A Charm

by Austin Harris

2019: The year of the Snek

Defeat… This was the final loading screen for all but one OKLCS gold team last split. Each and every team that participated fought tooth and nail for a chance at being the number one team in the OKLCS Gold Division and all but one team left disappointed. The one team remaining, standing victorious on the ashen remains of all the foes who dared to appose them on the battle field, was non-other than league favorite: Land Snek Gold!!!! Wait no that’s not right… SNEK didn’t win (congrats PRO), but at least they made it really far in the playoffs! Wait, that’s not right either. I forgot they didn’t even make the playoffs. Guess it was a wasted season then, right? Wrong. Land Snek Gold won their first match in two splits and set the league on fire. However, their success would go no further than that one win. You’d think they would be disappointed but instead they did some soul searching, took some time away from the game, and decided to give it one more go. In their minds the saying “Third Time’s the Charm” has never had a more significant opportunity than what lies before them right now. You don’t think SNEK Gold has it in them to win it all? You don’t think a bunch of tilters and feeders can get it together and go get that bread? Well if so, take a seat and lend me your ear so that I may explain to you just how wrong you are.

I think we all agree the biggest problem Land Snek Gold faced in the fall split was playing for a league called the “Oklahoma League of Legends Championship Series” or OKLCS. I mean how could they perform in this league knowing how private the league was being from other states, like Kansas for example. Yes, I realize the Kansas league was able to participate too, but we all knew they felt left out and that wasn’t right. SNEK as a team just didn’t have it in them to play at 100% in a league so full of injustice. This year, however, the brilliant minds behind the curtain changed the name of the league and have made the league accessible to all who want to get a competitive feel in the game they love to play. The GRLCS is now the inclusive league that Land Snek as an organization can play for without fear of excluding others. This split they will have no reason to hold back, and therefore who is to say Snek Gold won’t walk away with the top spot this year?

Pictured: Inclusivity

Pictured: Inclusivity


the jungler:

Now, maybe you don’t buy the league name argument. That doesn’t make you wrong, it just makes you look silly. You may say, “the real problem Snek faced last split was personnel issues, lack of teamwork, and horrible macro play”. And you know what? That’s kind of a mean thing to say but thank you for being honest. And, you’re exactly right. The team had issues that they couldn’t overcome which built to a boiling point towards the end of the season. As a result, one of the members left and started his own team and SNEK added maybe the nicest, most positive, human being on the face of the earth to the starting roster. Of course, I am talking about Shaedon “Shastor15” Castor taking up the jungle role. No team could ask for a player as levelheaded and forgiving as Shastor15. No matter how many times the mid laner feeds away kills, he finds ways to blame himself in-order-to keep the mid laner from getting too tilted at his apparent skill disparity. It isn’t just that he helps a team sorely lacking in the mid lane, but he also has the ability to put the whole team on his back and carry them to victory himself. He is the perfect piece to fit into this team’s incomplete puzzle.

the Top laner:

The rest of the roster has stayed the same except for the role swaps that took place in the off season. Thankfully Ironmanfan34 has stayed in the top lane heading into this split. You all know him as the player who takes cull into every game but I know him as more than that. He is a player who never runs from a challenge no matter how steep the odds are. He is a man who has the desire to be the best top laner in the league and I don’t think that there is another player in the league who can take him when he is at his best.

the Mid laner:

In the mid lane, reprising his role from two splits ago, is Th3WhiteShadow. I’m sure there are reasons for him being on this team, but none come to me in the moment. I guess we will just have to wait and see how the season goes and whether the captain made the right call giving him a starting role. On a team packed with so much potential you’d think they could do more than scrape the bottom of the mid lane barrel to find this guy. But, I digress, we will all see how it works out in time.

the Bot laners:

Lastly, we must talk about the bot lane. Much like jungle and top, this team can have carries rise out of the bot lane. Gaaraofthesand and Moose9068, long time duo-que partners, had been separated last split but are finally reunited in the bot lane. If you thought Gaara was a good adc even when he was being support by the waste of a roster spot, Th3whiteshadow, then you’ll be amazed at his potential with a legit support player. At their best they are the best duo in gold, at their worst you could make an argument they are tied for first. These two are ready to show this league what SNEK can do when it actually has a lane of competent players who feed off of each other’s strengths and aid each other’s weaknesses.

My only fear heading into this split is for the good people working behind the curtains of the GRLCS because last time SNEK beat a team they didn’t register for the next split, looking at you Omega Wolves. I am worried that if that continues into this next split, there might not be any teams willing to play in the GRLCS next season. But we will do what we must. 2019 is the year of the SNEK and like they always say, “Third Time’s A Charm”.

Austin “Th3WhiteShadow” Harris, Land Snek Captain, Gold Division