Status Update & What's To Come

GRLCS and GetRECalled are in progress, but that doesn’t mean we are slacking when it comes to our mission to improve! We constantly strive to improve everything we touch whether that be rulebooks, Discord servers, our store, our website, our events, or anything else. Here’s a few of the recent changes to help you stay up to date on what we’ve improved upon:

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Twitch Emotes & Giveaways

One of the more fun changes we’ve made recently, is some upgrades and maintenance to what we provide our Twitch subscribers! With Twitch’s recent changes to allow affiliates to more easily gain more emotes through subscribers, we’ve begun adding some new emotes that subs will be able to use across Twitch and across Discord (as long as they link their Discord and Twitch accounts). Upon linking them, subscribers will also receive a purple Twitch role in GetRECt servers and access to a subs only channel in the GetRECt Discord Server. On top of the purple role and emotes, we’ll also be looking to do coupon giveaways via Twitch chat more often for followers and subs. However subs will get a lot more tickets in each raffle than followers! Coupons for what? Well…

subscribe to help us add more emotes!

subscribe to help us add more emotes!


GR Store Upgrades

We have made a LOT of changes to the GetRECt Store recently. If you haven’t, we definitely recommend checking it out! We are still in the process of adding in more designs and should be able to offer a wider range of products than we did previously. On top of the wider range, many products are now of higher quality, there are WAY more color options than before, live shipping rates have been implemented, we have improved the organization of products, and lastly, our custom gear section now has the ability to let you change text, font color and logo all on your own and order it right then and there! Which is a huge improvement to taking requests as we did previously. You may also order it with the default GetRECt logo if you want, but we recommend changing the text so you’re not walking around with “YOURNAMEHERE” on the back of your apparel!

Upcoming Events Page

GetRECt is to be involved with several League of Legends (and beyond) events in 2019, with more to be announced later as well! To help you gamers keep up with everything, we have upgraded our Upcoming Events page substantially. Some events still have details that are to be determined, but we will be sure to update players with info as it is finalized! Which event is coming up next? It isn’t the GRLCS Playoffs, but a fundraiser in Choctaw, OK (just east of OKC)! There will be some short, casual League of Legends tournaments (w/ prizes), a Smash Ultimate tournament, a LCS Spring Finals watch party, and catered food and drink! There is also a BYOC area for those who want to hangout and game for the day as well. More information can be found here.

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