GRLCS Spring 2019 LAN Guide for Spectators & Players

Whether you are coming to the May 4th LAN as a spectator or as a player, there is a lot you should know! From parking, to PC setup, this article should cover just about everything you should need. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask the GetRECt team and if we missed something important here, we will be sure to edit it in! With that out of the way, let’s get right into it…


The LAN will be taking place on May 4th, in Norman, Oklahoma. The address is 1691 Asp Ave, Norman, OK 73019. The entire event will take place in Cross Housing facilities. More specifically, in the Black Box Theater (where the competitors and their PCs will be) and in a large spectator room near the Theater. The Black Box Theater is on the first floor (ground floor) of the East end of the Northwest building. The spectator room is on the first floor of the West end of the Northeast building (Pictures included below). ***Update: Cross Housing is VERY new and does not show up properly on Google Maps street view nor on some of the campus maps. The pictures included in this article are the most up to date. ***

Map of OU’s campus, Cross Housing buildings circled.

Map of OU’s campus, Cross Housing buildings circled.

Left (West) red dot is the Black Box Theater. Right (East) red dot is the spectator room. They have an outdoor breezeway between them.

Left (West) red dot is the Black Box Theater. Right (East) red dot is the spectator room. They have an outdoor breezeway between them.


Arrive no later than 9AM to allow ample set up and preparation time. Even if you are not playing in the first semi-final round this is important, so that all technical issues may be addressed early on in the day before competition begins.

Matches may begin earlier than approximated if prior matches end early. They may also begin later due to long matches or technical delays. As such, teams will be expected to stay present throughout the day. If a tournament official calls for a match to be played, both teams will have 15 minutes to be ready to start the match. So staying within 15 minutes of the Black Box Theater is required. Once a game ends, players are allowed a quick 5 minute break to use the restroom. Players may not rush to the spectator room after a game as it can spoil the results for the spectators. Nor may they leave the competitive area (which has its own restrooms) during a match except in the case of emergencies.

The first round of semifinals will begin at approximately 10AM for all three divisions. It will be followed by the other semifinal match at approximately 1PM for all divisions. At approximately 4PM, two divisions will play their third place matches, while the third division will play their finals. At approximately 7PM, one division will play their third place match and the other divisions will play their finals. The event then ends at approximately 10PM. Last split, we ended early around 7PM-8PM. If there are extreme delays during the day, we will run more matches simultaneously to ensure we are done by a reasonable hour, at the cost of shoutcasting and recording all of the matches.

The following could be subject to last minute changes due to various unexpected situations. All things according to plan, it will look like this:

~10AM: Gold BW1 vs SI2, Diamond 2v3, Platinum 1v4

~1PM: Gold SI1 vs BW2, Diamond 1v4, Platinum 2v3

~4PM: Platinum and Diamond 3rd Place, Gold Finals

~7PM: Platinum and Diamond Finals, Gold 3rd Place


On the weekend, parking in the parking lot directly North of the Cross facilities is free. If you cannot find a spot in that lot, it is attached to a parking garage. You may park in the parking garage by letting the office on the first floor of the parking garage know your license plate number and paying a small fee to park there for the day (~$5). They will give you a parking pass for you to leave in your car. There is a chance that parking in the parking garage might be free over the weekend, but we are waiting for that to be confirmed.

Parking lot and parking garage circled in red. If you can’t tell which is which, I can’t help you.

Parking lot and parking garage circled in red. If you can’t tell which is which, I can’t help you.


There is a vehicle pull-in on 4th Street (between the parking lot and the Cross facilities) where you may pull up to unload your PC equipment if you have any. You may then park after unloading, then return your equipment to set it up for the day. The pull-in is very close to the entrance to the Black Box Theater. BYOC setup must be completed by 10AM. Arrive by 9AM to be sure that you have plenty of time to set up, test your computer and test your internet connection. Every member of your team must also fill out the MAC Address form linked to here.

If you need some assistance finding out what your Physical MAC Address is, here is a helpful article. We do not need your wireless MAC Address, but the one associated with your Ethernet.

Every team will have a designated area to set up in and will have a little more than 2 feet of width (per person) to work with. We will have some additional power strips and Ethernet cables on hand which can be checked out if needed, but we ask that players bring their own cables and power strips to ensure everyone can easily get plugged in and set up. Ethernet switches will be near tables to be plugged into.

Red dot indicates vehicle pull-in location.

Red dot indicates vehicle pull-in location.


There will be a spectator room as mentioned above. Please bring friends and family to come hangout and watch you play during the event! It will be a casual come and go environment where food is allowed. There will be stools and tables as well as TVs showing each live match. Two of the TVs will be showing the broadcasted matches on GetRECtTV and GetRECt2. The third TV will be showing and recording the uncasted series. You are encouraged to bring friends, family, board games, devices, or other entertainment of your own as well. Pets that are not service animals are not allowed.

The following shoutcast schedule allows for all finals to be shoutcasted, 4/6 semifinals to be shoutcasted and 1/3 third place matches to be shoutcasted. Remaining matches will be shown live (and recorded) in the spectator room uncasted.

~10AM: Platinum and Diamond Shoutcasted, Gold Uncasted

~1PM: Gold and Diamond Shoutcasted, Platinum Uncasted

~4PM: Gold and Diamond Shoutcasted, Platinum Uncasted

~7PM: Platinum and Diamond Shoutcasted, Gold Uncasted


There are a number of eating options available in the Northwest and Southwest buildings of Cross that are easily accessible from the event rooms. They line the West end of the two buildings and are one after another alongside Asp Ave. They include the following locations (w/ links to menus): Basic Knead (Pizza), Credo Kitchen, Glow Kitchen, The Hive (Coffee), Milkflower Gelateria (Gelato), Born & Grazed, Pitch Fork and Farmer & The Kale.

Red dots indicate approximate locations of the restaurants.

Red dots indicate approximate locations of the restaurants.


First, don’t stop reading! Definitely check out the Behavior section below this one at least! That aside… Did you know we sell some merch right here on our site?!? While it may be getting late to have your order delivered before the LAN (still potentially possible if you order by Sunday/Monday) you should still check out our store! We are constantly adding things to it, and the Custom page we have set up can also allow you to plug in your own IGN and team logo if you want to order custom apparel for your squad quickly and easily. Every bit helps! Until the day after LAN, you can also use the code GLORY10 to get 10% off any orders. Merch and Twitch Subscriptions are the best way to help us out, outside of participating in our events and being awesome community members of course. <3


Lastly, we are guests in this space. We need to treat it as such if we want to be invited back! The facilities are also littered with cameras, so honesty is the best policy if anything is broken or damaged. Please keep the tables, chairs, stools and everything else clean and in tip top shape so that we can avoid any issues that could prevent us from returning in the future. Here is a link to the Cross Community Living guide for some insight into any of the facilities other policies you may be curious about. Mistreating the space will result in removal from the premises. Thank you so much for sticking with us this season! Be sure all of your teammates are on top of the above information to ensure a quick and easy day that will be loaded with fun and competition. Have a great day, travel safe when you head to the LAN, May the Fourth be with you, and GetRECt everyone!