How to Register for GRLCS

Good day, GetRECt community! We are BACK with another split of League of Legends competition! If you want to learn more about the GRLCS Spring Split, you can check it out here. But if you already know that you’re going to be participating, then hopefully this short article can make your life easier!

Step 1:

First you will want to gather your team, make sure they’re all on the same page (make sure you’ve read the GRLCS Rulebook), and fill out this team registration form. It requires the first and last name, email address and summoner name of each of your teammates. As well as your team and captain info. On top of that you can also submit your team logo during this step (if you have one) to spice up your roster page (linked to from this page) and your team’s “welcome to the league” announcement. The announcement can be found on our Facebook, Twitter, and Discord.

Also be sure that all of your players are in the GRLCS Discord so that they have access to channels that are necessary throughout the season. After registration, the captain will have the power to add teammates to their team role, giving them access to your team’s own voice channel and your division’s text channels.

Step 2:

After taking care of the registration form, you and your teammates will need to take care of the entry fee! To pay the entry fee just collect the money from your teammates and head to this page to pay it. While that may sound simple, there are a number of ways you can pay your entry fee. After confirming your basic information via the entry fee page (so that we can pair your payment to your registration) you will be taken to a checkout screen. Here is where you start to have some options:

Credit Card - You can collect money from your teammates, check out as a guest, enter your credit card information, and complete your payment. Easy enough! Though, you do also have the option of making an account on and saving your payment info there for faster checkouts. This info is all safely stored and managed by Squarespace. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are accepted.

Apple Pay - Also a payment option when going through checkout!

PayPal - You have the option of paying with PayPal, using either your PayPal account and balance, or a credit card (except this time, through PayPal rather than Stripe). This allows you to receive entry fee money from your teammates via PayPal, and then directly turn around to pay the entry fee using it as well.

Venmo - Speaking of PayPal, there is also an official way to pay with Venmo this split! Though, it does require a few extra steps. If you pay your entry fee via mobile (using Safari on iOS or Chrome on Android) and have your Venmo app linked to your browser (which can be done via your Venmo app settings) you can checkout using your Venmo balance! Just choose PayPal as your payment option, and during checkout you should see an option to change from PayPal, to Venmo. And voila! Though you have to jump through some hoops and double check some settings, you can cover your entry fee with Venmo. (We doubled checked this method ourselves and found it to work. If you’re having trouble, check out this link for more details)

Individual Registration - When selecting GRLCS Entry Fee via this link you may have noticed there is also a sold out GRLCS Individual Entry Fee option. For teams formed of free agents that may be hesitant to trust their captain with their entry fee money, this is an option as well (by request). The above payment methods all still work and all 5 members of the team will need to be sure they pay one way or another on the same day!

Step 3:

Once your registration is done, your team is announced, and your captain has the captain role in the GRLCS Discord, the captain will be able to add the team role to all teammates so that the team can start to familiarize themselves with the channels that will become available to them upon receiving the role. The captain has a number of channels available unique to captains to familiarize with as well! Then come February 9th, start following the schedule listed on the GRLCS Home page and start scheduling a day and time that week to match up with your opponent! But for the rest of the registration period, feel free to relax.

That’s all folks!

As we get closer to the start of the split, we will continue to post some other articles and run some Q&A streams to make sure everyone is on the same page going into the season. Feel free to join and ask questions in the GetRECt Discord or the GRLCS Discord servers. We’re here to help!

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