Land Snek: The OKLCS "Dream Team"

The OKLCS "Dream Team"

Written by: Austin Harris - Land Snek "Owner"
The board is set, the pieces are in place, and it is finally time for team Land Snek to take the top spot in the OKLCS diamond capped league. After an off season of role changes and new additions, this team is shaping up to be the best this league has ever seen. SNEK has all the pieces to be a synchronized masterpiece but the real strength of this team comes from the talent of the individual players in their respective roles. 


JackLovesLamp - Top

Starting in the top lane, Jack "JackLovesLamp" Counts is the rock that allows this team to maintain elite team fighting mechanics and keep those around him from falling prey to the very common practice of "tunneling". As a close follower of the patch notes, he keeps his team up to date on the strengths and weakness of their champion pools. His knowledge and consistency in the game is above and beyond the depth of most players in the league. As one of the 3 remaining members of the original team (with Echoed Voice and PbDoughboiii), he has been a player in this league for a long time now and is driven to help his team claim the number one spot this split.


Syfy - Jungle

Moving into the jungle is SNEK’s newest member Trebor "Syfy" Harmon. Previously, Syfy played top lane for GSM and has seamlessly synchronized with his new team as both a shot caller and role player. Known for his wide variety of junglers, Syfy can play many champions at an elite level and typically draws bans to his more popular picks. As a self-proclaimed genius, Syfy was a no-brainer choice for this team’s roster and looks to be the difference maker that will push this team to the top of the standings this split. 


Echoed Voice - Mid

In the mid lane for SNEK is Hunt “Echoed Voice” Swisher. Echoed Voice is not a player like most others in the league, he doesn’t play solo queue much and remains quiet until he feels the need for his voice to be heard. While he plays LoL less than any other member of his team, Echoed Voice maintains a simple champion pool that he has mastered, including his feared Yasuo pick. I feel truly sorry for any team that allows that pick to go over to him. Aside from his lack of solo practice he is one of the most team oriented players I have ever met. Games are hardly won by his solo carry, but they are even less frequently loss because of slip ups in the mid lane.


Keramat - ADC

Rounding out the team is Land Snek’s bot lane duo Keramat “Keramat” Taghizadeh and Mark “PbDoughboiii” Castaneda. What else is there to say that hasn’t already been whispered between teams about this bot lane power house? Keramat was new to SNEK in season 3 and quickly rose to the top of the stat sheet. Having among the highest amounts of damage dealt and consistency even in games that got out of hand have made this player a threat to all teams in the league. Keramat, a vocal player that this team desperately needed and the cleanest ADC in the state is looking to put his mark on this league and cement his team as the top team in Oklahoma. 


PbDoughboiii - Support

But what is a ADC without his support? Sure, Keramat could probably solo in bot lane as-well-as most ADCs would struggle to survive with a partner but with his other half, PbDoughboiii, they are likely unstoppable. PbDoughboiii spent previous time working as the teams jungler. This role was not cut out for him as it became quickly obvious from buffs not being shared to objectives not being secured. The synergy wasn’t there and as a result the team idled. But because of some off season moves, he was given the opportunity to go back to his bread and butter role, support. Being paired with an ADC as clean as Keramat could intimidate even the strongest of players but PbDoughboiii has found a way to shine in this role. The shield to his partners sword, PbDoughboiii has stepped out of his shell as a mediocre jungle and emerged as the best support in the OKLCS.

If it isn’t obvious enough from the individual players, this team is one to be feared. If their individual play was all that they had, they could still possibly be beaten by a really good team. But with the supreme team fighting mechanics and champion pools that defeat the purpose of the ban phase, this team is special. Any team that loses to SNEK should not be disappointed in themselves because it was an eventuality in the first place. And any team that might manage to steal a win should thank their lucky stars and prepare for the retaliation that is to come.

This split is the start of a new dynasty and this year is the year of the SNEK.

Previous Roster Pic: Jack "JackLovesLamp" Counts - Mark "PbDoughboiii" Castaneda - Hunt "Echoed Voice" Swisher - Keramat "Keramat" Taghizadeh - Garrison "badcop74" McCauley

Previous Roster Pic: Jack "JackLovesLamp" Counts - Mark "PbDoughboiii" Castaneda - Hunt "Echoed Voice" Swisher - Keramat "Keramat" Taghizadeh - Garrison "badcop74" McCauley

-Austin "Th3WhiteShadow" Harris, Land Snek "Owner"