GRLCS Playoffs: What to Expect


First off, congratulations on making it this far competitors! Not only do you get to participate at the LAN, but you are a top 4 team in your division. You know you’re going to the LAN on November 10th in Norman, OK; but what else do you need to do? Well…

If you are only coming to spectate, go ahead and skip the first step! The rest should still be very informative when it comes to the venue, food and drink, travelling, and more

1. MAC Address Form

First things first, make sure you fill out this form VERY CAREFULLY if you are a competitor! We can run into issues registering devices the day of the event, so by sending us this info now, we can register your device with the University’s network in order to (hopefully) skip over those steps/issues when setting up for the event.


If you need help finding your device's MAC address, use this link:

We also ask for your phone number, so that we may contact you directly during the event if we are trying to start a match and you are not on-site.

2. Be Prepared

Step 2 is make sure that you are prepared. As in; make sure you bring everything necessary, plan ahead, and know where you’re going!

FOOD: The venue has a mini-kitchen with microwave and sink. So bringing frozen snacks or instant noodles is an option. The cafe on-site will be open from 11AM-6PM with a variety of premade salads and sandwiches, grilled cheese sandwiches, chili dogs and (my favorite) various personal pizzas. If you want to eat outside of those hours by driving off-site, plan ahead! November 10th is OU vs OSU and is sure to leave Norman crowded and many roads near the football field will be closed. Rudy’s BBQ south of the venue is the closest restaurant that shouldn’t be a nightmare to reach, but the sky is the limit as long as you make it back to the venue in time for your matches. Once it is time for your match to start, a team has 15 minutes to be ready to go before forfeiting the first game of the match. Another 15 minutes before the second forfeit.

DRINKS: The cafe sells: water, various coffee beverages, juice, soda, and energy drinks. The venue also has a water fountain, so bring a water bottle if you want to stay hydrated for free! Outside food and beverage is allowed in the venue. In terms of alcohol: Yes, this happens to be a football gameday. But NO, we will not allow alcohol inside the venue! Nor will we be allowing in individuals that are fairly inebriated.


  • Desktop

  • Monitor

  • Mouse and Keyboard

  • Headset

  • Ethernet Cable

  • Preferred Power Strip

If you use a laptop, then don’t worry about desktop/monitor. If you are bringing a mouse and want to use a mousepad, then be sure to bring one! Ethernet switches and ports will be provided. GetRECt also can check out power strips to participants as needed as well. If your device cannot connect to Ethernet, bring a WiFi adapter or check out a GetRECt one at the venue (limited availability on these). Of course, be sure to bring all necessary power or display cables as well. We won’t have extras!

LOCATION: Know where you are going! All three of the following should help you find the venue via your GPS app of choice: 3 Partners Place, Tom Love Innovation Hub, or 201 David L. Boren Blvd. Also keep in mind, roads like S Jenkins Ave, W Boyd St, and W Lindsey St will be closed off near campus and campus corner. So for example, if driving South towards Norman via I-35, avoid the mess by exiting I-35 to head East on Highway 9. Head Northbound from Highway 9 on S Jenkins Ave to reach the venue while dodging much of the gameday hooplah.

3. Match Progression

Step 3, is making sure you understand how the day will progress! After each match in a division, we will get started with the next one as quickly as possible. This is because you never know when you could run into a delay, so when things are going smoothly, there shouldn’t be much downtime allowed. So, we ask that if you will be playing, to try and remain on-site as much as possible. Leaving the venue is okay, as long as you are conservative in your time estimates and are back well before you might be needed for your next match.

You will begin the day by setting up your team’s devices, where they will remain for the remainder of the day. Spectators are not allowed in the player areas and players are asked to wait 3 minutes after their matches before leaving the player area or participating in twitch chat (spoilers!). Breaking these rules and the resulting punishment are up to the discretion of Tournament Coordinator Ariel West. While there may be no punishment or simply a warning, excessive disregard of rules could also lead to loss of bans or more.


9:00-9:15: Arrive at the venue
9:15-9:40: Setup computer, test ping and client
9:40-9:55: Welcome, team introductions and covering info one last time
10:00: Start the first round of matches


10AM: 1 The Hardest Road vs. 4 Jingo Squad Gaming

Next: 2 Propulsion Esports vs. 3 Bingo Squad Gaming

Next: Winners from the first two matches play for first and second place

Next: Losers from the first two matches play for third and fourth place


10AM: 1 Killer Whales United vs. 4 Kansas State University

Next: 2 Return of the Middlesticks vs. 3 Unlucky Retribution

Next: Losers from the first two matches play for third and fourth place

Next: Winners from the first two matches play for first and second place


There will be two streams, both being shoutcasted live during semifinals. Both will also be on display in the spectator area on two separate TVs. The finals are happening in reverse order for Gold and Diamond, to allow both finals to be shoutcasted to the primary GetRECt channel. The third place matches will be streamed but whether those are shoutcasted live is TBD.


4. Have Fun!

The last step is simply, just have fun! Bring board games and card games, bring friends and family, bring snacks and a good attitude. Take pictures, make memories, and whenever you’re not competing, feel free to hangout in the spectator area. The spectator area will have some chairs, benches and tables. Possibly some PC setups for 1v1s or 2v2s (TBD) as well, so bring your mouse and keyboard if you’re looking to challenge your fellow spectators to those!

We’ll be there all day, so dress comfortably! Current weather forecasts for Saturday show sunny skies with a high of 53 and a low of 31. So keep that in mind if you’re looking to walk anywhere or spend time hanging out outside. Lastly, we encourage you guys and gals to organize some post-event outings to bars/restaurants to invite your fellow spectators to! I’m sure Norman will be fairly rowdy Saturday night if you are looking to celebrate your victory (or forget your defeat).

Have a great day and GetRECt everybody!

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