GRLCS Free Agency Assistance:

  1. Fill out the Free Agency Form

  2. Join the GetRECt Discord Server

  3. Go to the “#bot-commands” channel

  4. Enter the command ?rank Subs

  5. Utilize the “#fa-subs” channel to contact players/teams

  6. Change your server nickname to:
    "Summoner Name" ("Rank")
    Example: JackLovesLamp (Platinum)

LoL Free Agency Information:

  • Oldest entries will be regularly removed from the list by GetRECt staff

  • Players using the #fa-subs channel will be alerted to these resets

  • Using the Free Agency Assistance Form adds your information to the Free Agency List

  • Teams looking for more players and solo players are welcome to fill out the form

  • GetRECt Staff will NOT pair players together for events, but encourages players to utilize this tool