GetRECt Collegiate Invitational



The background

GetRECt has been running round robin tournaments for almost 3 years now and has organized or assisted various convention tournaments, draft tournaments and other friendly one shots across League of Legends and other PC titles. In this time, members of GetRECt have gotten involved with the esports scene at a collegiate level. With one GetRECt team member becoming the President of the OU Esports Club and another becoming the Lead Advisor of UCO’s esports club.

During our time running tournaments and working to develop collegiate esports organizations, we have come to realize that competition is not everything. In addition to competition, shoutcasting, analysis, statistics, broadcast production, journalism, marketing and team management are all very important as well. It is also important to build up the collegiate network in our region, so that these university clubs may learn from one another and use each other’s brands and rivalries to strengthen esports in our region as a whole. GetRECt plans to work with these universities to accomplish just that.



the tournament

The tournament will have a round robin weekly regular season (participated in online) followed by an in-person playoff event for the top teams at the conclusion of the regular season. The tournament would begin after the start of the semester and end before final exams and graduation (for most universities). It would be managed via a Discord server specialized and exclusive to this project. Important documents, information, scheduling and other relevant content would be housed on the GetRECt website for easy access. There would be separate divisions for each esport title, using adjusted rulebooks and broadcast protocol depending on the game at hand.

The in-person playoffs would then occur in University of Oklahoma facilities (this semester), with the assistance of the OU Esports Club as the host. The tournament would begin around the start of the semester and end well before final exams and graduation, taking place almost entirely if not completely within the semester. For the first semester of the tournament, we are aiming for Fall 2019.

These plans may be adjusted based on feedback from university representatives as we continue to develop this tournament according to the needs of the participating universities.



the niche

To set this apart from other collegiate tournaments such as those of Riot, Tespa and CSL, we want to set this up as something where each match feels more relevant and the narrative is more engaging and easier to follow. For this, we are aiming for a moderate number of collegiate esports organizations in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri. As well as New Mexico, Colorado and Louisiana. On top of this GetRECt will heavily be encouraging and facilitating the coverage of the tournament by the individual organizations wherever we can. Helping to provide students doing coverage with certain streaming graphics and media kits loaded with the branding of the other organizations. As well as facilitating collaborations between schools and promoting any and all coverage that begins to develop. The weekly nature of the tournament, the moderate duration and the fact it takes place entirely during the semester makes it easy and consistent for students to use the tournament to practice their craft, whatever that may be. Practice makes perfect and that doesn’t just apply to the players competing!

What also makes this event unique is that every esports title that runs will be occurring simultaneously, with playoffs being one large event towards the end of the semester for all titles. This ties the different teams, colleges and overall narrative together in a way other tournaments just haven’t been able to, due to the huge amount of participants they have. This tournament’s smaller size would make it much easier for tournament organizers to quickly communicate and assist teams throughout the competition. All in all, making for a very cohesive and engaging experience.

We hope this sounds exciting to you and your organization! If you are interested, fill out this form to let us know and join our Discord server to get in touch with us. If you want to see another university in the region become a part of this project, forward this link to them. Let us know if you have any questions or want to learn more.