RECt ( /rɛkt/ )
1. (adjective): recreationally dominated without mercy

About GetRECt:

To us, League isn’t just a game – it’s a passion.

We’re a community by the players, for the players. It all started when we began generating free, prize-less tournaments in 2016, tournaments that quickly led to GetRECt hosting their premiere event, the OKLCS. The OKLCS is a League of Legends tournament with more than 26 teams spanning three different divisions, a battleground for Oklahoma League of Legends players. We strive to provide a great gaming experience to players of all backgrounds and experience levels, on and off the Rift.

Our goal is to continue to make a positive impact on the League of Legends community in Oklahoma and beyond through tournaments, holiday events and just plain fun. Competition is our forte, entertainment our specialty. Friendships will be made, rivalries forged, and history will remember the victorious.

Are you in?


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to most all questions can be found in the OKLCS Rulebook, but here's some of the common questions we get:

1. How does the "cap" work in each division?

For example, in the Gold-capped division, a player:

  • Cannot exceed Gold 1 in either solo/duo or flex queues
  • Must be at or under the cap requirement for at least 6 months prior to participation in the OKLCS
  • Cannot have finished higher than Gold 1 in the LoL season previous to the current season

If a Gold-capped player becomes platinum during the OKLCS split, that player may finish out the OKLCS split on their Gold-capped team. These cap requirements are the same for the Platinum- and Diamond-capped divisions.

2. My starting mid laner can't make the game! Can I use a substitute?

Yes, but subs must adhere to the restrictions of the division for which they are subbing. For example, a Platinum IV player cannot sub for a Gold-capped team, even if he or she is playing in an off-role.
An additional restriction subs must adhere to: even though the sub may have been Gold when the OKLCS split and/or LoL season began, the sub cannot participate in a Gold-capped game if the sub has become platinum, even if he or she demoted back to Gold. This restriction also applies to Platinum- and Diamond-capped division subs.
DISCLAIMER: If you are a starter of another OKLCS team, you MAY NOT sub for another OKLCS team regardless of division.

3. What happens if both teams can't agree on a time to play?

If both teams cannot agree on a time to play, captains must meet with an OKLCS official for help in scheduling. If both teams are unwilling to sub and refuse to schedule a game within the week, both teams will receive a forfeit which will reflect on their standings as an 0-2 loss.