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RECt ( /rɛkt/ )
1. (adjective): recreationally dominated without mercy

About GetRECt:

To us, video games aren't just games – they're a passion.

We’re an organization by the players, for the players. It all started when we began generating free, prize-less tournaments in 2016, tournaments that quickly led to GetRECt hosting its premiere event, the OKLCS. We strive to provide a great gaming experience to players of all backgrounds and experience levels, no matter their game of choice.

Our goal is to continue to make a positive impact on the gaming community in Oklahoma and beyond through tournaments, holiday events and just plain fun. Competition is our forte, entertainment our specialty. Friendships will be made, rivalries forged, and history will remember the victorious.

Are you in?


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Community Blog

Community Blog

About the blog

Hey everyone! Ariel here. Welcome to GetRECt's Community Blog!

We wanted to create a community by the players, for the players, so it only made sense to create a space where people in the GetRECt community could come to contribute, no matter on what game they focus. We want to hear the opinions of our community on topics such as the OKLCS players and skills, PUBG updates, Overwatch strategies, Hearthstone tactics and even as general as musings about the organization. Whatever it may be, we want to hear from you!

Each blog post will go through a vetting and editing process to keep within the standards and integrity of the GetRECt organization. We want the community to have creative freedom, but we also want to make sure that what's reflected in this blog is a positive representation of our organization. Keep your writing clean, express your opinions and give your fellow community members some food for thought. Don't forget to sign off on your blog post (see below). And, as always, include an image or video! Graphics spruce things up and make writing more interesting.

We look forward to growing this blog with the community.


-Ariel "Aripanda" West
GetRECt Community Manager

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