Event info:

Start Date: Wednesday, April 17th

End Date: The Last Day of Season 9 before the Preseason hits.

Entry Fee: $10

Prize Pool: Winner takes the pot.

Mid Lane Council: Chriscantmiss, Aikado, FLEX Vid

Financial Officer: Jackloveslamp

Payment: Send your $10 to JackLovesLamp by May 6th 11:59 pm CST through Venmo @JackCounts (no step on snek profile pic) with your IGN and smurf IGN

Payment Due by: May 6th

Mid Lane Pool: Aatrox, Akali, Aurelion Sol, Azir, Cassiopeia, Gangplank, Irelia, Jayce, Katarina, Leblanc, Ryze, Sylas, Taliyah, Yasuo, Zed, Zoe

Event rules:

1. Fresh 30 account with no previous matchmaking rating.

2. No duo queueing.

3. No easy mid lane champions. Above is the approved list of champions.

4. Mid must be primary. No matter what. If it is found out that you switched your role even once, then you will be disqualified, and money will not be refunded.

5. If you get your secondary you can play whatever you want.

6. If you have 35K mastery or above with a champion on the list on any account BEFORE May 6th at 11:59 pm then you CANNOT play it.

7. If you gain 35K mastery or above with a champion on the list on any account AFTER May 6th  at 11:59 pm then you CAN play it.

8. Masteries will be checked through https://championmasterylookup.derpthemeus.com/ on May 6th.

9. You can use whatever champion you want in non-ranked modes. So, if you need to level up your new account to 30, feel free to use your main champion.

10. To check if you’re using the approved champions, we will be checking op.ggs. There will be an allowance for the champions you played in secondary as long as the games played of secondary doesn’t look suspect.

11. The person with the approved account with the highest rank by the end of Season 9 will take home the entire pot.

12. These will be the base guidelines although there are freak instances in which we did not have a rule in place for. If there is a dispute that is controversial but not stated in the rules it will be decided on by the Mid Lane Council.

13. Remember that you can still be a part of the competition without paying for the competition. You will not be eligible for the pool, but you can at least still compete for the title of Best Mid Laner in GRLCS.

14. Most importantly have fun and happy grinding!