getrect recruit-a-friend program

GetRECt Recruit-A-Friend is a program aimed at encouraging more people to get involved with the GetRECt Fall Split! (OKLCS & LeagueKC)

How does it work? By recruiting a team of new players (all five did not start in the most recent GetRECt Split) you can have your entry fee refunded!

Unfortunately, just your entry fee, not your whole team's </3 BUT! No reason your teammates cannot try to do the same and also play for free.

Don't have some friends who play League enough to be interested? That's okay! By gathering some free agents or "franchising" your team, you can still recruit.

Know a lot of people you could convince to play? Have no fear! There are other rewards as well.

Still interested? Then read on for more details.

More details

As of the posting of this page, the GetRECt Fall Split Registration Form now has a final question asking if you are a team of new players and if someone recruited you. Put that person's full name down and complete registration and voila! As long as the five players you gather did not play in the most recent split of OKLCS or LeagueKC and if your team (and the recruited team) does not withdraw before the split starts (after which point there are no team refunds) then a refund will be sent to the recruiter.

Recruit-A-Friend rewards:

  • First: Refunded entry fee for the GR Fall Split
  • Second: Custom team logo mouse pad
  • Third: Custom team logo white tee
  • Fourth+: $15 GetRECt Merch Gift Card

rewards will reset between splits

Thanking recruiters

Recruiting new teams benefits the GR Fall Split, but it also benefits the players in the split! It brings in new players, more teams to compete against, keeps the league going and boosts the prize pool! So we want to do what we can to incentivize players to encourage friends or new players to play, because at the end of the day it benefits all of us. So, we will be keeping track of how many teams an individual recruits, so that everyone can see what they have done to help improve the league we all enjoy so much <3

Recruit-a-friend leaderboard

First Name "Summoner Name" Last Name

1. Jacob "Charade" Hymel





leaderboard standings will not be reset between splits

# Teams recruited

1. 2