How it works

When registering for a GRLCS Split, the registration form has a final question asking if you are a team of 5 new players (to the GRLCS) and if someone recruited you. The registering team puts the first and last name of their recruiter, complete registration, and voila! As long as none of the 5 players played in the previous split, a refund will be sent to the recruiter once the split begins!

Recruit A Team rewards (resets each split):

  • First team: Refunded entry fee for the current GRLCS Split ($15 GRStore Merch Gift Card if not a GRLCS player)

  • Second team: $15 GRStore Merch Gift Card

  • Third team: Custom team logo mouse pad or t-shirt

  • Fourth team+: $15 GRStore Merch Gift Card

Recruit a team leaderboard

  1. Jacob Hymel (2)

  2. Jp Aycardo (1)

  3. Joseph Savala (1)

  4. Megan Cosby (1)

  5. Joseph Chavarria (1)

  6. Darren Ngyuen (1)

program does not apply when recruiting silver capped teams or when the recruiter is on the team being recruited