Some of you may know me as the mid laner for Team Accursed, Leeroy, or as the best infographic maker, or as the Plat V player known as Brandon Williams. But now I would like to introduce myself as the official GetRect Blog Writer.  

This is something that I am new to, so it will be a learning experience. My previous writing experience consists of fictional writing so this is different from what I am used to. So what should you expect from me and my writing? Well, let’s start with no expectations because I am still trying to figure out what exactly I am doing. But my goals include: covering the OKLCS matches focusing mostly on Diamond capped since that is what I am familiar with (sorry other divisions I will try to give you something when I get settled), giving my opinion on any significant or spicy thing going on in the OKLOL community, and reviewing local events related to League.

Whatever I write will have a varying degree of opinion in it. For example, when I am writing about a certain OKLCS match or player I will refer to stats and make an attempt interpret the stats. Whereas if I am talking about some random topic related to OKLOL it will be more opinionated. Also, when I am discussing OKLCS I will refer to myself in the third person, e.g. Leeroy, TAC mid laner...Another important thing to keep in mind is that my opinion or sentiment does not represent Jack Counts, Alex Tu, or anyone else associated to GetRect. What I write is my own words, no one else’s.

I am not out to offend anyone, nor does anything I state reflect how I feel about anyone personally. No one is who they truly are on the internet. I am not judging anyone’s life, just their performance in OKLCS or how they portray themselves in the public spotlight.

Finally, and most importantly, I am doing this because I love this community, I love competing, I love League of Legends, I love my friends I have met through this game, and I love all of you <3

  • Brandon “Leeroy” Williams