Season 3 of Diamond capped OKLCS has come to a close but players are already preparing for Season 4. During the months of off season there will inevitably be many roster swaps, old enemies becoming teammates and teams crumbling apart. It is still months away before we see which teams will become dominating goliaths of the league and which ones will fail. Because of these transforming rosters, it is impossible to rank the teams going into Season 4, but it is possible to rank the individuals. In this piece I will be looking at specifically the mid laners of Season 3. This is not an ultimate, end of all discussion ranking. This is an opinionated article that considers Season 3 team ranking, KDA, champion pools, and other statistics. I will reference stats from the spreadsheet where team captains entered their players stats for the week. Feel free to tell why you disagree or agree. Disclaimer: Yes, I put myself on the list, forgive me.


1: Chriscantmiss (50SoM)
You can’t argue with results. 50 Shades of Mosher took first place in Season 3 of OKLCS. A large part of their success was due to their namesake Chris Mosher. With his masterful control of mages such as Anivia and Orianna he decimated teams with AoE while his team corralled the enemies in. Against his control mages, teams only went where Chris wanted them to. His laning phase was the most solid in the league, at the very least staying even with his opponent if not creating himself a huge cs differential. Not to mention his astounding KDA of 6.68 for the season and almost impossible 829 DMG/M. If iClutch was 50SoM’s raging tornado, Chriscantmiss was their calculated orbital strike.

2: Leerøy (TAC)
Leeroy had the third highest damage out of all of 8 mid laners, 742 DMG/M and while his KDA was not the impressive 6.68 of Chris’, Leeroy finished the season with a 4.13. He consistently put out the most damage on his team, coming up huge in teamfights on Vladimir and Syndra. Targeting carries with precision before they could even get any damage off. Through solo kills in lane and teammates, Leeroy picked up 87 kills in Season 3, only 9 below Chriscantmiss. Also worth mentioning, Leeroy took his team to the Finals of OKLCS and went toe to toe with Chris in the mid lane.

3: Shacdaddy (GSM)

Did someone say Xerath? Oh right, he was banned. Shacdaddy dished out massive damage in Season 3 with 755 DMG/M. Constant damage and waveclear came out from the mid laner of GSM, stalling games and creating space for his team. When Shacdaddy was going off, which he usually was, his team felt like an impenetrable wall. Standing at the top of his team with a fine KDA of 4.08 and an insane 122 kills, Shacdaddy was the patriarch of GSM.

When I went to write this article I began thinking about who were the best mid laners in Diamond capped. Already in my mind I had Chriscantmiss, myself, and Shacdaddy, but the last two were not so clear. I took a look at the stat spreadsheet and looked who was closest to the top 3 in stats to help with my decision.


4: Echoed Voice (Land Snek)

The mid laner coming in at 4th actually had a better KDA than both Leeroy and Shacdaddy, 4.63. On top that he had a not too shabby 600 DMG/M. When I think of Echoed Voice, two names come to mind: Lux and Taliyah. He has mastered these champions to a level that draws bans from many teams. He has made so many essential picks for his team and distributed massive teamfight damage. What keeps him from being higher on this list is his champion pool. When he does not have one the ladies listed above, he falls short. If Echoed Voice could pick up some more champions in the off season, he could be a huge threat.

5: Sabshure (HBM)

Debate whether or not this team should have been in the playoffs was heated, but one thing for sure, the infamous Handsome Boy Modeling may be the most handsome team in the OKLCS. With Sabshure in the mid lane, how could they not be? He was a vital part of many of the team’s wins. Looking at his stats, he is a very consistent and solid player. While not outstanding, a 3.63 KDA and 633 DMG/M, is admirable. Although he and his team was not in the top 4 of OKLCS or these power rankings, there is potential here to be the best.


  • Brandon “Leeroy” Williams