This may be my article with the greatest potential for controversy and disagreement. When it came to mid laners, I had a distinct op 3 already in mind since I played against all of them. But top lane is an island; there are intricacies and tiny movements that dictate top lane. These hidden techniques can often go unseen by the observer. I couldn’t do this by myself, thus I asked Alex “Agent A2” for his opinions as well. This list, and the reasons behind it, is agreed upon by both of us. As I stated in my Mid Laner power rankings, this is ultimately an opinion piece and feel free to disagree. With that said, let us begin.


1: iClutch (50SoM):

Joining his mid laner, Chriscantmiss, at the top, Brinden “iClutch” Wallace was the highest performing top laner in season 3. A great deal of controversy and name calling surrounds iClutch. Labels such as: rager or quitter are often applied to him. But there is no doubt about it, he was the best top laner in season 3. First off, his stats: iClutch had the highest top laner KDA, 4.87. He also had a very high damage per minute stat of 686. Even if you disregard his astounding stats, his play puts him at the top of the list. In most games, iClutch just simply smashed his lane opponent so hard that the game was over. He took skill check after skill check in lane and won the majority of them, constantly putting his enemy in tough situations. He had unmatched aggression in lane and in the split push. By employing off-meta picks such as Swain and Singed, he often threw his opponent off balance. iClutch was a huge reason that 50 Shades of Mosher won OKLCS.


2: Beniona (TAC):

Coming in at a close second, just as his team did in the finals, Beniona earned his spot at number 2. He was a huge asset for his team. Teams that found themselves facing Team Accursed only had two real bans. This was because Beniona is one of the best Camille players in North America, and teams knew better than to leave it up. He had one of the deepest champion pools in the league with the ability to play tanks, carries, splitpushers, bruisers,  whatever his team needed. However, his most notable pick was Rumble. When had his hands on his champion, teams disintegrated beneath his perfectly placed Equalizers. His KDA (2.89) was nothing special, but according to him that is because Leeroy stole all of his kills. DMG/min is a different story: Beniona finished the season with the highest damage to champions per minute out of any top laner 692. Beniona will not be playing in OKLCS Season 4 as he now plays on a high elo team called Kinesis Gaming and I wish him the best.


3: Phanker (HBM):
With a 3.71 KDA and 577 DMG/MIN, Phanker clenches the third spot. During a time of a tank lane dominated meta, Phanker was not scared to bring out the Club and the Axe to dominate lane as Trundle, where he excelled, and Darius. By using his CS lead to create pressure through splitpush, Phanker was a sturdy pillar for his team. Even when he had to succumb to the meta and play a tank, he could at least go even in lane and became an indestructible meat wall. If he had a few more standout performances or demonstrated a slightly deeper champion pool, he may have been higher on this list. Beniona and iClutch just seemed to stand out a little bit more from their team.


4: Jackloveslamp (SNEK):

Both AgentA2 and I agreed that Jack has some of the best team fighting out of all of the top laners. While a lot of top laners will tunnel in on the backline in a team fight, Jack is proficient at being able to switch targets in the middle of a fight. With the damage dealers zoned out of the fight, Jack could turn and help his team. Although this is an exceptional feature for any player, Jack’s laning and stats were only slightly above average. He finished the season with a 2.41 KDA and 553 DMG/MIN. If Jackloveslamp had some more dominating laning performances, he could find himself at the top of this list in Season 4.

5: Winnington (WEENS):

Finishing off the list is the top laner for Weenie and the Weens, Winnington. Most notable for his Kled play, he charged through teams creating chaos. In Solo Queue, Winnington has a 4.08 KDA on Kled. He is clearly dominant on this champion. This Ween completed the season with a nice KDA of 3.71 and 480 DMG/MIN. Also worth mentioning was his Nasus play, an unconventional pick. Winnington knew how to farm up on Nasus and be a general nuisance for any team.
- Brandon "Leeroy" Williams