Our Dedicated Dream Team


We value quality over quantity. We do things with a purpose, cutting out wasted time and striving to be as efficient as we are thorough. Professionalism is woven throughout everything we do. We have a commitment to the development of the competitive scene and the people of the community, and with every ruling we strive for fairness. Our staff is as humble as we are helpful. GetRECt is, by definition, a community by the gamers, for the gamers, and growth is the only option.


Chief Executive Officer

Name: Jack "JackLovesLamp" Counts

Favorite Games: LoL, Hearthstone, Overwatch, Clash Royale, PUBG, Hotline Miami, Pokemon, Smash Bros., Mario Maker, and whatever games I happen to be playing at the moment.

Interests: Hanging out with friends either online or in-person, creative projects, eSports, talking, movies, reading, helping others.

Fun Fact: I have almost died 7 times in my life! :O

I've been a gamer my whole life, since Pokémon Blue and Tetris on the GameBoy, Freddy Fish on the computer, and Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast. League of Legends has become more than just a game for me though, it's a competition, a community, an esport! And I'm glad I get to be a part of that esport, both on and off the rift.


Chief Operating Officer

Name: Alex "AgentA2" Tu

Favorite Games: LoL, Professor Layton, Ace Attorney, Kancolle, Pokemon.

Interests: Anime, video games, public speaking, law, puzzles.

Fun Fact: I'm the co-founder of GetRECt and the Keeper of the Rulebook.

I'm a Mathematics/Philosophy double major at the University of Oklahoma, at which I hope to complete my degree and attend law school in order to serve as a prosecuting attorney. Apart from that, however, video games are something I wholly pour myself into. Whether it's a basic understanding of game design that makes video games more enjoyable or a deeper knowledge in the mechanics of the games I love, I will always find the time to learn more.

I love to watch anime (cute is justice), and I enjoy logic puzzles and public speaking concerning topics about which I am passionate.

GRLCS Director

Name: Ariel "Aripanda" West

Favorite Games: League of Legends, MMORPGs for a month before I get bored.

Interests: House Hunters on HGTV, all things cat, nights out on the town with good people.

Fun Fact: I was actually an OU fan before I went to college.

I graduated from Oklahoma State University in 2015 with a bachelor of arts in Strategic Communication and currently work for the University of Central Oklahoma. Outside of work, video gaming takes up most of my life - in addition to being GetRECt’s GRLCS director and event coordinator, I'm an admin for the Oklahoma League of Legends Facebook group, a volunteer writer for OKgamers.com and also compete in the GRLCS.

My major passion is community growth and engagement. An organization starts with people: without people, an organization would fail, so my goal is to develop and nurture the community into one that prides itself on fairness, thrives on competition and welcomes those who want the same.

Outside of gaming, I'm a huge extrovert and love meeting new people. Cats and Game of Thrones are life.

Media Coordinator

Name: Megan "GlitterandGains" Cosby

Favorite Games: You say “games” like others exist outside of League of Legends.

Interests: My three dogs, Kansas City Royals, OKC Thunder, NASCAR, and drinking wine at rooftop bars.

Fun Fact: I was a two-time State Champion in culinary arts in high school.

Aside from playing League of Legends and snapchatting my dogs, I am the president and editor of Sprots Takes, an all-female sports blog and ESPN/iHeart radio show in KC. My goal is to do my part to push the envelope of what is expected in sports and esports.


Merchandise Manager

Name: Garrett "ITz G UN1T" Parkhurst

Favorite Games: GTAV, Halo, CoD, Destiny, PUBG & Overwatch.

Interests: Wakeboarding, the NBA, and chicken dinners.

Fun Fact: Texas sux.

I currently attend the University of Oklahoma and I am studying mechanical engineering. I am originally from Elk City, Oklahoma, which is in the western part of Oklahoma. I have been playing Xbox games with my hometown friends ever since Halo dropped. I can't even begin to put a number on the LAN parties we had for Halo and CoD. In addition to my gaming background, I have always been very intrigued with developing the space of video gaming, and I believe GetRECt stands to greatly contribute to the future of gaming communities and esports development.

Community and Content

Name: Aaron "Meristematic" Dilsaver

Favorite Video Games: League of Legends, Persona 5, Warframe, Bloodborne

Interests: Video Games, Streaming, Hockey, High Quality Memes, Optimization

Fun Fact: I used to speedrun Dark Souls 3, my PB is no longer on the leaderboard though :(

I'm from Monument, Colorado and attended Colorado State University and studied Biochemistry. My current job involves repairing computers and tablets. Also I've been creating content for video games since the release of Starcraft 2 (I played Terran, filthy Zergs and Protoss get out, Random players are 1/3 ok). My current job involves repairing computers and tablets. Quickly, I became hooked on the esports scene; I enjoy helping players improve and creating sources of entertainment, encouragement and some other words starting with e. Truthfully, I'm very happy to be working with GetRECt and am excited to see what we can become. (Also check out the first letter of each sentence).

GRLCS Shoutcast LEad

Name: David “Vid” Kaucic

Favorite Games: League of Legends, Hearthstone, Beat Saber.

Interests: Shoutcasting, writing, anime and nostalgia.

Fun Fact: I actually am from Pennsylvania.

I’m currently a chemical engineering major at the University of Oklahoma and also the Shoutcasting Director of the OU Esports Club. I’ve been a gamer since I discovered Starcraft: Brood War, and I’ve run the gambit from RuneScape to Fortnite. Now, I’m getting to channel my passion for video games into something productive and explore this new “Wild West” that is esports.

Aside from esports, I enjoy cooking and watching TV with my roommates.

GRLCS Coordinator

Name: Joshua “séiko” Titsworth

Favorite Games: League of Legends is pretty much it.

Interests: My wife and kids, League of Legends, tinkering with my computer and testing out smart/dumb my pets are. So far our cat is the smartest one in our family.

Fun Fact: I got my first email address when I was 16 and Hotmail rejected my last name because it was “too vulgar”. Because of this when my wife and I met in a chatroom she thought my last name was Smith. We had been talking for almost a year before she found out the truth, we’ve been together for 15 years and counting.

I work from home and spend most of my time in my office either working or playing games when my family isn’t home. When my family is home I’m helping my kids make funny videos, my wife and I binge watch cooking shows on Netflix. Outside of that, we’re running to basketball/soccer practice or karate. During that time, I answer most Discord notifications I get from you bunch of degenerates… I mean excellent and valued people I enjoy chatting with daily. Typo, sorry.

GetRECt-Kansas City Representative

Name: Devon “MeatyMitts” Schreiner

Favorite Games: League of Legends, Guild Wars 2, Kirby’s Adventure, Pokemon Yellow and anything I can play with my daughter.

Interests: Esports, beer, my health and drones!

Fun Fact: My first League of Legends main was Cho'Gath. Pip-pip! Cheerio!

I moved to Kansas City in 2012 and have been loving it ever since. I work as a systems engineer during the day. After that, I become a father to my amazing two year-old, an esports enthusiast, an MBA student and a drone pilot. I found LeagueKC in 2015, and I'm super excited to see how much it grew before finally coming together with GetRECt.