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GetRECt Store


GetRECt Store

Welcome to the GetRect Store

Whether slapping your logo on a product and calling it a day, or designing unique graphic art to make that mouse pad exactly how you want it, we can help you do it all.

Need team mouse pads for an upcoming tournament? We gotchu. Best Yasuo NA, and need a mug to prove it? You should probably rethink your life decisions, but yeah we can help with the mug. Just looking for nerdy merch? Then look no further.

We also have free 1st class shipping on everything. So the price you see, is the price you get!


Custom Products via Canva

  • Go to Canva.com

  • Start a custom dimension project

  • Use the recommended dimensions for the product you want

  • Create your own product design!

  • Download your design as a JPEG

  • Upload your design to GetRECt Store and use it when ordering the product you designed for.

Custom Products via GetRECt

  • Go to the GetRECt Store

  • Select an image

  • Select a background

  • Choose w/background or w/o background product

  • Add product to cart

  • Email GetRECtOK@gmail.com with images you'd like to see on the GetRECt Store!

GetREct Products

Scroll down to download free-to-use, product specific designs

GetREct Products

Scroll down to download free-to-use, product specific designs

Recommended dimensions when designing with Canva.com or Gimp.org

Square Products (1400x1400):
Coffee Mugs
Coaster Sets
Gel Mouse Pads
Square Keychains
Cut-to-Shape Stickers
Aluminum Water Bottle

Specialty Products:
Mouse Pad (2390x2000)
License Plate (3125x1625)
Full Print Shirts (2400x3000)
Draw String Bags (TBD)

Phone Cases:
iPhone 6 (625x1313)
iPhone 6+ (719x1875)
iPhone 7 (627x1335)
iPhone 7+ (737x1530)

Full Print Shirt & MousePad Designs

  • Our Full Print Shirts and Mouse Pads are printed using sublimation printing.
  • Full Print Shirt designs are printed on polyester athletic t-shirts! 100% polyester, breathy, soft. (2400x3000)
  • Mouse Pad designs are printed on a thick, soft, foam mouse pad. (Canva.com: 2390x2000)

iPhone 6 & Square Designs

  • Square designs will work on all square products. Square products include: Coffee Mugs, Coaster Sets, Gel, Mouse Pads, Square Keychains, Cut-to-Shape Stickers, T-Shirts.
  • iPhone 6 Designs are meant for iPhone 6 cases, and will not work for other phone cases with different recommended dimensions.